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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development

Silistra in My Dreams

We face apathy for social issues spreading among most people. We want to challenge the once losing faith in their own power to change our environment. With the first edition of the platform "Silistra…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

PART of Civic Europe

The main goal of the idea is to create a long-term impact in the field of active citizenship. The challenge our idea is to resolve/alleviate the sustainable social participation of local citizens, i…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Action for Transformation Initiative

It’s difficult to teach adults the culture of participation when they are immersed in everyday problems. It’s naïve to rely on the thinking that such a culture will grow in children on its own when t…
Community development

Reviving the Strandja–Sakar region

The Strandzha – Sakar region is one of the regions in Bulgaria suffering from depopulatation. The population still living in the region faces major problems such as unemployment, aging, lack of acce…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Social dialogue for future through innovation

Stara Zagora is a region dependent on coal-based energy production. With the Green Deal this has to change, but there is a lack of dialogue for the future of the region with the local population. We …
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Ecological movement for the Young - Elin Pelin

In recent years, the chaotic construction of industrial warehouses and factories on farm land, individually and without a development plan of the municipality led to many environmental hotspots for t…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

We are all our community - Activate Shipka

Art is a powerful tool for addressing sensitive topics such as democracy, human rights, inequalities. It’s successfully used for social inclusion, because of its strong level of engagement with the a…
Community development | Journalism

Shadow Civic Council Blagoevgrad

The project introduces a new inclusive format for citizens participation in the work of the municipal council of Blagoevgrad.Local residents, chosen via objective criteria by other local citizens and…
Community development | Education and research

Education for development and support

The interaction between active teachers, former teachers and young people from all educational levels in the field of civic education, social inclusion, development of the local community will increa…

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