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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Human rights

Safe, Accessible and Secure Underpasses (SASU)

Underpasses are an integral part of the urban environment nowadays and important elements of the mobility infrastructure. They need to be safe, accessible and secure for everyone, including disabled …
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment

Circle of Support

Youths living in social services, as well as youths with disabilities don’t know their rights and are often excluded and discriminated. We will teach them to be a part of the social processes, to und…
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment


Discrimination in all its possible forms and expressions is one of the most common manifestations of human rights violations and abuses. Our observations show that it affects more and more, especiall…
Community development | Human rights

What's The Problem?

In a city where poverty and human rights violations are a norm, youngsters and working-class people cannot defend themselves from social injustices in any way and become hostages to a poor living env…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Professional realization of blind people

Aproximately 2000 blind and partially sighted people aged under sixty live in Sofia region of Bulgaria. About 20% of them are employed. The rest majority of 80% of these people are jobless. The main…
Community development | Human rights

Do Better Together

In the smallest settlements - the villages around Pleven, are living the poorest people, the ones with underdeveloped economic situation and lowest quality of life. In such places the civic activity …
Human rights | Social inclusion

Inclusive Playground “PlaYce for All”

Children with physical disabilities don’t have a place to play. They and their families are often isolated because most of the urban environment is not adapted to their needs. We join forces with chi…

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