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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Human rights | Social inclusion

Human rights on tour

A six-month bus tour of Italy will be organized to promote citizens' rights and duties, stimulate active discussion among participants, and help to understand the tools of juridical protection. The t…
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Human rights

Good winds from land

We are people just like you, tired of standing by and watching. We want to set sail a ship in the Central Mediterranean in order to aid the shipwrecked people fleeing from disasters and extreme pover…
Community development | Human rights

What women want

Female economic independence in Treviso is a challenge and an aim that women have to reach in a short time. Those who feel more this need are single women with dependent children, to whom the access …
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment

Fostering Reflection on the Institutions in SChool

FRISC is the simulation of a session of the Naples Municipality Council created by the United Network Europa Association (UN), aimed at High Schools Neapolitan students. The main goal to be achieved,…
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment

Gender Equality Task Force

We aim to combat gender based violence (GBV), a human rights’ violation pervasive in Sicily, and to create a safer school community based on dialogue and respect of gender diversity. Activities: Tr…

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