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Community development | Social inclusion

Bring us things you no longer need, take ones you

Can beautiful items only be purchased in fancy shops? Is there a better destiny for the appliances we no longer need or find worth keeping than a landfill? What if things you don’t need could be way …
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Voices and facts for a more inclusive society

It is difficult to change public policies when data describing the situation of disadvantaged children and families are not sufficiently known to the public and when the voices of these people are no…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Dialogue Community

New social contexts require a new dialogue based on new tools. Staying with old methods (habits, procedures) we are doomed to failure. Practicing social dialogue in finding solutions to community pro…
Democracy and participation | Civic education

Women's Activism Year

No healthy and truly democratic society can grow and progress without ensuring gender equality by supporting women to actively and equally participate on all levels. From battling gender-based violen…
Democracy and participation | Migration


PEACEBUILDERS is a hands-on peacebuilding program, where multicultural, cross-generational and gender-inclusive local and refugee children, unaccompanied minors and youth, co-create actions, policies…
Democracy and participation | Environment and sustainability

Together for Silesia

Climate catastrophe will affect us all and we need to discuss it. With the threat tangible, our discours is emotional and inconclusive and we are still divided. We want to give a platform to expres…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Towards a New Pastoralism Alliance: Open Country

Since we started the Shepherds Schools in 2004 at biodiversity-rich region of Picos de Europa newcomers from the city and abroad have joined, bringing a fresh understanding of pastoralism, taking fro…
Social inclusion | Arts and cultural activities

Investigative learning for the future

Children and youngsters with learning difficulties have significantly more problems with learning than their peers and are therefor many times left behind in the educational and later social or socie…
Urban and rural development | Arts and cultural activities

Collaborative art installation "Walls Speak"

There are mosaic compositions of co-existing characters and symbols of different cultures and civilizations. Goal of the project is „the invitation for co-creation” of the public in the art process c…

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