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What we do

The program fosters the capacities and the ecosystems of locally rooted organizations and individuals active in the fields of civic education and civic engagement. It helps them establish themselves as actors in their communities by providing learning spaces and project funding in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania. It is co-created and implemented with cooperation partners. The Capacity Building Program ended in May 2022, read more about our impact story here.

What we work for

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Polarization, deep political divisions and declining trust in democracy are key threats to civic cohesion. To tackle these societal challenges, we believe that Europe needs active citizens from different backgrounds engaged in open civic spaces to build the stronghold of our democracies.

How we work


At times of growing uncertainties and constant change, complexity is the new normal. To deal with it, we believe that civic agents need skills for collaboration, co-creation, and horizontal learning to help them unlock the collective wisdom in their communities.

Hence, the Capacity Building program’s approach is two-fold:

Where we work


The Capacity Building program is working locally in 4 countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Each country program has its own particularities related to the local context.