What we do

The program fosters the capacities and the ecosystems of locally rooted organizations and individuals active in the fields of civic education and civic engagement. It helps them establish themselves as actors in their communities by providing learning spaces and project funding in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania. It is co-created and implemented with local partners.

Our Approach

At times of growing uncertainties and constant change, complexity is the new normal. To deal with it, we believe that civic agents need skills for collaboration, co-creation and horizontal learning to help them unlock the collective wisdom in their communities. Hence, the capacity-building program’s approach is two-fold:

  1. to enhance the civic knowledge, skills and competences of individuals, teams and organizations to achieve change in their communities and
  2. to support them in making the change themselves.

The Capacity Building program is co-created with a local partner. It consists of 3 to 5 learning events in the respective local language and provides grants for funding of 5 locally rooted projects in each country. The participants in the program can use the funding to realize small projects, applying the knowledge, skills and competences they have gained and making the change they want to see in their communities.

The guiding principles for learning events are:

  • Combining theoretical knowledge and practical learning
  • Empowering the individual while keeping an eye on the professional realization of the individual participant or the organization’s team in the realm of civil society
  • Balancing formal and non-formal methods and approaches
  • Creating the spaces for both didactical lectures and facilitated, participatory sessions
  • Working to develop the culture, structure and processes of working in a team and organization, using Tools for Citizens