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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development | Social inclusion


The two main challenges for adequate menstrual hygiene management are the access to reproductive health education and the availability of safe, clean and affordable menstrual supplies. This project a…
Community development | Social inclusion

The Neighbourhood's School

Some call it Turin's "Banlieue". Outskirts and its residents are often considered to be “beyond hope". While others would warn to stay away from the outskirts district, we propose to channel its abil…
Community development | Social inclusion

CITIZEN-SHEEP - Civic challenges for pastoralists

Pastoralism is facing harsh times, as it is affected by abandonment, ageing and social disprestige, despite its well recognized socio-economic and environmental role. This initiative aims to build a …
Community development | Social inclusion


This civic project has the ambition to create the cultural, social and institutional conditions to reform the corporate relationship between workers and entrepreneurs, actively operating in society t…
Community development | Social inclusion


Anèl means both “ring” and “bond” in Occitan, the ancient language of a few mountain valleys in north-western Italy. Anèl is a round-shaped system of relationships that enables the sharing of skills,…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Human rights on tour

A six-month bus tour of Italy will be organized to promote citizens' rights and duties, stimulate active discussion among participants, and help to understand the tools of juridical protection. The t…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Art Road

The project that is intended to be realized will be divided into two phases: the self-construction, where professionals will activate workshops involving the community in the creation of street furni…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


Requalification and re-education of citizens on the space where they live in are last challenge in the urban areas of Padua and Vicenza. Team work will operate with innovative instruments: community …
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Green Leaves for a Rusted City

Shrinking cities like Genoa demand youth to halt decline and set a new fairer course. Thanks to a path to engage, train and leaderfully organize a diverse group of youngsters 16 to 25 we will challen…

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