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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Diversity Space

Autistic people and Asperger´s do have a space to speak for themselves about their life style, interests, different ways of thinking and sensing this world. They have the right not to be presented as…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

A Part for All

The project will increase civic engagement and participation of young people from vulnerable groups through their involvement in an action group. The project will provide them with tailor-made mentor…
Community development | Social inclusion

Majlis – seating of change

We propose a series of 7 innovative format events as a centre for social encounters in 7 Slovak cities that will promote multicultural heritage/show current diversity to the general public, especiall…
Social inclusion | Community development

Lifeology for teenagers – subject about you

through more than 100nonformal learning methods and activities,they are able to raise their skills for REAL LIFE.Through main 4 topics:Innerscience–how to find their strengths,weaknesses, selfrespect…
Social inclusion

Academy for meaningful living

The aim of the project is to provide systematic counselling and increase the human capital of 20 young people, increase competencies of them in order to be successful in their social and working life…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

[fjúžn] - the world we have at home

We have been organizing [fjúžn] festival of new minorities in Bratislava for 15 years. It brings topics of migration and life of foreigners closer to the general public, creates a space for meetings …
Social inclusion

Equal opportunities through virtual reality

The first step of inclusion is understanding of an individual or a problem by the community. It is a necessary condition in order for inclusion to happen. The Autism Simulator in virtual reality is a…
Social inclusion

Advocacy for the homeless, by the homeless

DPS’s clients identified difficulties securing housing, employment, and healthcare, as the major systematic barriers preventing them from societal integration. Through Community Organising and capaci…
Social inclusion | Community development

The New Generation of Successful Roma

The New Generation of Successful Roma is a community whose purpose is to eliminate prejudices so that we want to educate "elite leaders." We develop, support and mentor to succeed in education, busin…

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