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Social inclusion | Community development

Shared gardens, healing gardens

Therapeutic gardens can aid various disabilities and provide physical, social and emotional rehabilitation through meaningful communal activity in the nature. Together with social organizations and d…
Social inclusion | Community development

Lifeology for teenagers – subject about you

through more than 100nonformal learning methods and activities,they are able to raise their skills for REAL LIFE.Through main 4 topics:Innerscience–how to find their strengths,weaknesses, selfrespect…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Let music build bridges

A music educational program that empowers communities to overcome their boundaries. We’ll build up a high-quality children’s choir with 60 children, who suffer from segregation, unequal cultural and…
Social inclusion

Blended Rainbow Community Activism

According to last year’s Eurobarometer, Slovakia is at the tail of EU when it comes to acceptance of LGBT+ people. This is not surprising, as Slovakia is a rather rural, socially conservative country…
Social inclusion

Building bridges

Our main objective is to promote a democratic culture of living in diversity and in tolerance to differences among people from Orava and start to form positive attitudes of being open to those who ar…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

A Part for All

The project will increase civic engagement and participation of young people from vulnerable groups through their involvement in an action group. The project will provide them with tailor-made mentor…
Social inclusion


Islamophobia has increased considerably in Slovakia, but… What if Slovaks meet their Muslim neighbors? What if Priest, Rabbi and Imam meet in Encounter? Slovaks know very little about Islam and Musli…
Social inclusion

Academy for meaningful living

The aim of the project is to provide systematic counselling and increase the human capital of 20 young people, increase competencies of them in order to be successful in their social and working life…
Social inclusion | Community development


Outdoor multisport playground as a place for meeting, getting to know each other and gaining memories. This playground would be open to children from centre but as well as for their classmates, frien…

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