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Social inclusion, Community development


Place where we can gather, know each other and have fun


Who is behind this?

Veronika Bahledova

občianske združenie Slnečnica



Idea pitch

Outdoor multisport playground as a place for meeting, getting to know each other and gaining memories. This playground would be open to children from centre but as well as for their classmates, friends or other children who would like to know them better and make place for new friendships, getting rid of prejudice and to strengthen community with games and sport activities

Where will your project idea take place?

Hriňová,, Podpoľanie ,Slovakia

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Podpoľanie is one of the poorer regions of Slovakia based on traditions and Christianity, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. With that there exist some prejudice regarding gypsies. And we would like to affect amount of prejudice to minimum.

Who are you doing it for?

Children from centre for children and families, children from socially disadvantaged background as well as children from city

How do you plan to get there?

If our project will get picked, we will select implementer of construction work. After realization we would adequately advertise the whole project.

What are the expected results?

In year time we could have construction work done and fully use the playground for a variety of events where we could gather people from near regions. And by that empower the community relations

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

By creating space without prejudice, where we can get to explore unknown, create together lots of memories. Sport and games are best for social engaging for kids and adolescents. Our children can learn from others and our children can teach others by that we can use social learning like tolerance, patience and communication.

Why is this idea important to you?

Our main motivation is happiness of our children, to make them feel as comfortable as much as is in our ability. As mentioned before strengthening the relations with us and reducing the prejudice there is about gypsies.

€ 45000,-

Total budget

€ 43000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

37 000,- construction of playground
2000,- sport equipment
2000,- advertisement
1000,- course for employees
1000,- administrative charges

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

If there is something we can adjust, remove or improve.


Nika Bahledová

Idea created on May 26, 2020
Last edit on May 26, 2020

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