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Social inclusion

See You in Agora (See You in Aγορά)

At the Taranto Chamber of Commerce we bring together donor bodies and local associations to finance their ideas, promote Europlanning with seminars on Eu programming and public/private cooperation, v…
Social inclusion | Community development


GARUM (name of ancient roman dish) challenge is to enhance shared values of quotidian life. The living heritage of the art of cooking by our grandmothers is our Adriatic maritime plural identity.The…
Social inclusion

From eartH to Heart

A new paradigm of inclusion of young migrants through agri-culture! Migrants create their own educational project based on agriculture, sharing agricultural skills with the community and spreading th…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

BE INclusive

BE INclusive is a project conceived for young people of different origins that aims to set up a multifunctional artistic hub as open and functioning civic space where creative and visual arts become …
Social inclusion | Community development

ortiAMO insieme

Work is the first step in realizing an independent life project. For a disabled people it is a double challenge: they must be able to do the job and break down prejudices. We want to give our special…
Social inclusion | Community development

A Dream to start again

Liberituttionline has a structure in renovation, near Castel Gandolfo, tended to became a safe place to community. We want to promote assistance, from health to legal, economic and social issues. We …
Social inclusion


There is an urgent need to sprout the seeds of democracy and active participation in civic deserts, by building a model of sustainable and integral development, through the interchange between local …
Social inclusion

Citizens of Europe

In a period of strong divisions and mistrust towards the European institutions, the project 'Citizens of Europe' pursues the objective of developing relations between the European Union system and di…
Social inclusion | Community development


In Hortus promotes initiatives to raise awareness of socio-economic and environmental issues. Through the involvement of small producers, consumers and people with Down syndrome, we want to create a …

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