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BE INclusive

Artistic hub for a democratic culture of living in diversity


Who is behind this?

Silvia Vallerani

Movimento Artistico SocioCulturale (M.A.S.C.)


Who is joining forces?

Sequenze Frequenze


Sequenze Frequenze has been involved since the project planning phase. It will support all the project activities, organize film showings and give visibility to the project and Civic Europe funding.


Idea pitch

BE INclusive is a project conceived for young people of different origins that aims to set up a multifunctional artistic hub as open and functioning civic space where creative and visual arts become instruments of active citizenship and social inclusion.A space for reflection, exchanges of ideas and visions on democracy and the world we are building.Through various artistic languages, the main point of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Global Citizenship Education will be covered

Where will your project idea take place?

In Marsciano, a small town near Perugia, in Umbria (IT), a rural region in central Italy.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Marsciano has 18.500 inhabitants,of which 14% are foreigners.
The main social challenges are to:
1.promote a democratic culture of living in diversity;
2.increase awareness of being active citizens.
Indeed,the intense migrations of recent years have often made feel the difficulties of a coexistence and never the opportunity of a difference, increasing the climate of intolerance.It is no coincidence that, for the first time ever in Marsciano,a center-right junta has been installed in the last elections, voted primarily by young people.
Moreover, Marsciano is a provincial reality,with little incentive for young people to create a vision that comes out of the patterns that small society inevitably imposes, influencing the non-perception of the complexity and interconnection of the world.

Who are you doing it for?

The main target group is a multicultural group of at least 20 young people (50% women), who face integration problems and social exclusion, do not feel part of EU and not take part in the civic vein of the community. All of them need to express themselves and confront each other. The project will foster their civic engagement and inclusion: they will be involved in all the activities and will support the management of the artistic hub, co-creating the contents and being protagonists of what will be developed (i.e. writing of theatrical texts, etc.). Youth will become bridges, triggering a cascade effect on the community which will in turn become beneficiary. The activities will be opened to the participation of their families, other students, and citizens, favouring multicultural exchange.

How do you plan to get there?

Using the Global Citizenship Education approach to empower learners to assume active roles in building more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and secure societies (UNESCO), the action foresees:
- Training/theatre workshop with 20 young people on key articles of the Declaration of Human Rights (study, reading, comparison, screenplay writing, etc.);
- Flash mob to raise awareness;
- Film showings (rights, migration, etc.), open to the community and debates guided by the youngster;
- Artistic exhibitions on project themes. Youngster will prepare works to exhibit themselves, but the exhibitions will be open to anyone who wants to express;
- Treasure hunt for students and families, organized by the youngster;
- Final show of the theatre workshop, open to the public.

What are the expected results?

The most important outcome will be the development, through the artistic language, of the ability to understand our society and stimulate its change,pushing the social integration of people from different culture in the tissue of Marsciano.
Specifically,expected results are:
-a multicultural artistic hub set up as a center from which ideas and people will start to make the community better
-awareness and critical conscience of 20 multicultural young people on active citizenship and democracy strengthened through the acquisition of artistic and social/civic competences and participation
-theatre becomes closer to the new generations
-social inclusion and global citizenship education strengthened among the community
-democratic dialogue stimulated
-community civic engagement fostered

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Our idea strengthens democracy and active citizenship because it is based on these same principles.Art can be an important vehicle for social/cultural issues.The artistic hub will be a space that young people will fill with content. Working with the Global Citizenship Education approach on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, young people will reflect on the importance of individuality and diversity. In this way, they will share, express themselves,tell their story and their points of view, become aware of the importance of feeling protagonists,and then take action together to make the difference in the community.
The active engagement and exchange among community and families from different cultures will foster the social inclusion and the democratic culture of living in diversity

Why is this idea important to you?

MASC was created with the intent to unite culture and society, and to use art as a vehicle for important issues. We always turn to young people and believe that through art they can acquire greater awareness of the world in which they live, to change it and to do their part. The COVID-19 emergency has strengthened the feeling of fear of the other, but Marsciano can and must make a leap forward, and we can be bearers of this great opportunity.
To break this wall, the mission behind the idea is the setting up of a multifunctional cultural space where young people can work together overcoming the cultural and social barriers through art and active engagement, thus pushing their social inclusion, the acceptance of diversity and democracy, and triggering a cascade effect on the community.

€ 49900,-

Total budget

€ 49900,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Equipment/Material for Multifunctional Artistic Hub 4.500,00 €, Materials for the artistic activities 3.000,00 €, Dissemination and visibility costs (communication campaigns, material, etc.) 2.000,00 €, Transport costs 1.500,00 €, Staff costs, trainers and general coordination 27.000,00 €, Theatre show 1.500,00 €, Film Showings 2.000,00 €, Rental with utilities 8.400,00 €

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We want to grow and implement a project that has the greatest possible impact. For this reason, technical and methodological suggestions from operators in the sector and from those who have implemented similar ideas will be more than welcome.



Giulia Morello

Giulia Corradi

Idea created on May 27, 2020

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