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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

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Community development

Empowering rural women

The inclusion of women in entrepreneurship is a key contribution to the revitalization of rural areas and encourages the prevention of the growth of gender inequality. Target groups are: Women in ru…
Environment and sustainability | Community development


Biodiversity and pollinators are essential for our lives. They represent a healthy society that we must aspire for our future. Sharing ecological practices in a creative way; promoting beehives des…
Social inclusion | Community development


GARUM (name of ancient roman dish) challenge is to enhance shared values of quotidian life. The living heritage of the art of cooking by our grandmothers is our Adriatic maritime plural identity.The…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development


MOSTEM (in Czech bridge) a TOOL to culturally activate a “non-place” 4 artists will fac the theme of IDENTITY through periodic worshop with 3 different/divided communities to help them to know each…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Journey between faith, history and beauty

Italy is the custodian of the world's treasures. Treasures preserved in small unknown places. We intend to discover the tourist appeal of an area of southern Italy to stimulate the spirit of belongin…
Community development


Many initiatives across Eu Countries allowed Youth to be more engaged and aware about the relevance of debate as for both individual daily life-styles and complex evolution of globalizing economies. …
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

CONCRETE Generative Tactical Urban Transformation

CONCRETE brings tactical urban planning into the disadvantaged areas of the province of Bari. Citizens, designers, artists, architects will co-design and implement the project, which aims to expand t…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Ecomuseum Metaurilia" Sea-Hort"

We like to win hard: Metaurilia is one of the most disordered and problematic suburbs of Fano. We also like to win easily: Metaurilia has a suggestive and contradictory history that was born in the F…
Community development

Go más allá! : you can do whatever you wish!

We aim to encourage youth to participate actively in their communities by providing them the skills needed. They will be trained on abilities about living in a global, intercultural and diverse socie…

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