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Social inclusion | Community development

Shared gardens, healing gardens

Therapeutic gardens can aid various disabilities and provide physical, social and emotional rehabilitation through meaningful communal activity in the nature. Together with social organizations and d…
Social inclusion | Community development

Lifeology for teenagers – subject about you

through more than 100nonformal learning methods and activities,they are able to raise their skills for REAL LIFE.Through main 4 topics:Innerscience–how to find their strengths,weaknesses, selfrespect…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Together for Tatra Mountains /Spolu pre Tatry/

Tatra Mountains are the smallest high mountains of the world. Even they are home to chamois and bears, they are under huge threat by gradual replacement of forests and meadows by apartment estates an…
Community development

Civic Spaces on the Edge

How to turn vacant heritage buildings into catalysts for local civil society? Small towns and rural areas have a built heritage that is often undervalued and left to abandonment. These heritage space…
Community development

Banská Bystrica - women friendly city

Even in the 21st century, women experience discrimination in Slovakia, as the results of the survey done in 2019 showed. We will support women from various social groups to develop and strengthen th…
Community development

Craft has a golden bottom

By building a craft workroom in the Coburg manor house create a community space for educational workshops, lectures, meetings; with the involvement of local community in the craft workroom help with …
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Art, handicrafts and Folk as a tool to reconnect

The European Migration Crisis and The COVID19 situation has left some groups within our community segregated and lonely. The most affected groups are the Roma, elderly and people struggling financi…
Community development

MYesto: space to grow

Once upon a time, there was a town where nobody wanted to live, nobody wanted to visit, where nothing interesting could be experienced, where people had no interest in the others and did not see thei…
Community development

Depolarisation through Pub(lic) Talks

We aim at establishing popular Pub(lic) Talk format that will enable respectful dialogue on controversial issues among diverse groups of local people, increasing mutual understanding, empathy and str…

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