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Environment and sustainability

Rainwater belongs to the garden not to the canal

Because we considered the rain to be unnecessary, we took it to the rivers through canals and thus disrupted small water cycles. An average of 1% of water is lost every year. People do not realize th…
Environment and sustainability

Empathy Academy

The issue in the field of animal rights protection is often underestimated and perceived as a marginal issue not affecting everyone. At the same time, it is a matter of protecting the public interest…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Together for Tatra Mountains /Spolu pre Tatry/

Tatra Mountains are the smallest high mountains of the world. Even they are home to chamois and bears, they are under huge threat by gradual replacement of forests and meadows by apartment estates an…
Environment and sustainability

Green challenges and youth changes

Project solves problem of generation gaps in ecological thinking, provides nonformal education and encourages youth initiatives of rural youth for “green challenges” to protect environment and fight …
Environment and sustainability

Roots & Shoots Slovakia

Roots & Shoots Slovakia is a project which is oriented on innovating and redefining current environmental education of secondary schools students in Slovak Republic, aiming to develop the currently m…
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Together for greener future.

Our home is on fire and we must act. Climate Change brings climate grief that must be transformed to meaningful activities. We empower youth by providing the opportunity to be the part of the change.…

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