Environment and sustainability, the project will make a positive environmental and

Green challenges and youth changes

Youth initiatives for healthy, green and active communities


Who is behind this?

Miriam Kottlik

Protect work



Who is joining forces?

Malackí zberači



Fundaca Zielony Slon




Idea pitch

Project solves problem of generation gaps in ecological thinking, provides nonformal education and encourages youth initiatives of rural youth for “green challenges” to protect environment and fight against clime changes by making a positive impact in their communities through organising local actions and to develop networking and cooperation on eco issues at transnational level.Young people together withmentors, families,local authorities and NGOs wil do activities for building healthycommunity

Where will your project idea take place?

region Malacky and 4 neighboring villages and 3 municipalities, Bratislava and Trnava region, SK

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

We analysed attitudes and needs of local youth in 2019, 67% confirmed their own consumption decisions are influenced by family approach and friends; 38% do not recycle properly, 18% of them felt unhappy and unfulfilled by consumer society and 24% were victims of negative social labelling due brand trends. 39% of them though that LOHAS means limiting own comfort and consumption. Young people under 18 dont have economic, social and family sources to do ecofriendly activities, as they are needed. In region Zahorie, there are many illegal black dumps, low environmental awareness and only 25% of households are actively involved in recycling and reusing - only one member of family have a capability to do this (32%) (FCC,2015). Young people are educated about eco issues, but no implementation

Who are you doing it for?

Rural youth 13-22 years old (patchwork and social disadvant.families, youth with special needs and behavioral disorders, disabilities) – 90 YP directly targeted by project activities; 20-25 young people actively involved in eco-green initiatives organised together with the facilitator and mentors; 20 families with low environmen.literacy from rural area in Malacky region and around villages;
Peers, Family and local community involvement – YP will organise local actions for better ecological awareness and healthy community development. Networking - ecocampaigns target youth and citizens of the municipality at regional and international level in cooperation with polish partner organisation. Media - sharing videos, vlogs, results done by YP, promoting youth initiatives with social impact

How do you plan to get there?

•Combining theoretical knowledge and practical learning – learning by doing, active and experience learning, developing skills and competences (capability)-critical thinking in decision-making and problem solving (active participation and practice).
Mentors will enhance young people and facilitate their green initiatives, local actions and participatory problem solving including risk management. Cooperation with local authorities, non-packaging shops, sheltered workshops with ecoproducts and NGOs in the field of LOHAS to achieve project goals and dissemination plan. International partnership to create methodological manual about LOHAS education, active citizenship and youth initiatives + published ecological footprint map to emphasis generation gaps in LOHAS and ecological thinking.

What are the expected results?

- youth leaders with developed skills able to live sustainably and became positive influencers of LOHAS principles in everyday life in their families, peer and local communities - documented by a story telling, photo exhibition, examples of good practice and educational leaflets – LOHAS tips and green challenges
Youth initiatives Think Eco Do Eco leading to community activities with positive social and environmental impact – building bridges between youth interests and needs to solve local problems – black dumps, social exclusion, consumption - the using up of a resource, lack of minimalism and youth initiatives to increate active participation in rural area.
-increased number of youth and families commited to LOHAS, recycling and reusing.
-published methodology +leadership training

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Creating awareness among todays youngsters on LOHAS and ecoissues is not only matter of teaching- young people will get nonformal learning experience and come up with an action plan with own ideas, eg. green initiatives and local workshops. They will become active young leaders in environmental protection, disseminators and influencers with social impact supporting inclusion, youth participation, community development and promoting democracy via ecological activities in rural areas (eg.less illegal black dumps, raise ecoawareness and less waste, more families involved in recycling, tips how to live sustainable, swaps to reduce consumption, transnational youth initiatives to highlight cultural and ecological diversity, sustainability as EU priority).

Why is this idea important to you?

Young people under 18 make up 80% of our working time and we believe in their great ideas needed to be encouraged, they are more open to changes and can (in)directly influence a large number of peers in the modern, dynamic and interactive ways. We as mentors and youth workers lead and encourage young people in rural area to take an active part and develop their potential, using methods of learning by doing (learning from own mistakes). We are not bored at all because youth work move you forward, check your limitations and push you to overcome them. We love projects encouring youth initiatives and with space for the implementation of LOHAS principles in daily life practice. It depends on the footprint we leave behind us; the project has a positive environmental and social impact.

€ 44500,-

Total budget

€ 37107,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Nonformal education and workshops/14month =10.500
Mentoring – 300 hours/14 months x 10€/h. = 3.000 € x 2 mentors=6.000
Rental costs 50 €/1w x20W= 1.000 €
Travel costs 0,90€/1 km x 400 km = 360€
Leadership training (accommodarion, food, lectors, material) /30 participants = 5380€
Costs for waste collection – 2437€
Public Local actions/ecoworkshops/ecogames, art and sport activities=9.600€
Adobe Clouds - computer and mobile application 720€
Methodological manual 1490€
PR 1060€

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Providing mentoring, cooperation and communication with the partner organisations involved in the programme to support future networking and capacity building to strength youthwork providing space for realisation project ideas,empowerment of youth active citizenship via programmes of CivicEurope



Idea created on May 26, 2020
Last edit on May 26, 2020

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