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Social inclusion

Another Disc Through The Wall

We are a bunch of different people that uses Ultimate frisbee so we can tackle: 1. Social inclusion - we are trying to get kids and people from minority groups and show them that in a team it does n…
(Social) Entrepreneurship | Social inclusion

Social eco-certified peri-urban farming

Food that we consume is now become less and less healthy due the the heavy use of pesticides. Food also often travels thousands of kilometers to reach our plates. In the meantime, there is available…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


All ethnic groups contribute significantly to the cultural identity of a locality, influencing each other in all aspects of daily life. Romanians, Hungarians and Roma people have lived together for h…
Education and research | Social inclusion

GENE CLAMP 2 elderly and young student couples

In the framework of the “ GENE CLAMP 1” project, we already have experience in organizing learning pairs, because all parties were satisfied with the results when measuring satisfaction. We created l…
Law, advocacy and policy | Social inclusion

Păuleasca on the right way

Isolation,helplessness,reduced access to education and services.These 3 things define the community, which in the winter and in the flooding season becomes completly isolated from the outside world, …
Human rights | Social inclusion

The language of the Gypsies

A priority issue of the enterprise aims at integrating Gypsi people in society and reducing the risk of discrimination. to integrate and have a normal life. The main cause of this social custom is t…
Health | Social inclusion

Music therapy for our grandparents

Creating an outdoor music garden with 5 different instruments for 50 vulnerable seniors, beneficiaries of social services from Bucharest, in the CARP Omenia garden, for 5 months. Every month from all…
Community development | Social inclusion

Safeguarding Each Other

Our vision is to raise awareness on safeguarding and build communication between institutions and people in the area of Scorțeni and work together to eliminate harm of any nature (mental, physical e…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Community builders

Participating in the Award,young people develop social,emotional capabilities such as:confidence,manage feelings,communication,problem solving,resilience and determination,creativity and adaptability…

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