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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Education and research | Environment and sustainability

Ex3: three energies for civic innovation

We need to re-active network civic energies to save our health and the Earth. The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the need for good verified information, access to information and data of the PA and …
Education and research | Social inclusion

Work and social inclusion paths

Talking about social inclusion in the current context represents a complex challenge; we are living in a critical historical phase of the development of capitalist societies but at the same time the…
Community development | Education and research

Pre-seismic memory: an archive for the future

Our challenge is bridging the gap between the community scattered after the earthquake, and the citizens that will move back in the rebuilt village. Each testimony is of value and the living archive…
Education and research | Social inclusion


Casa Digitale is a project aimed at contrasting the digital divide and promotingof digital literacy for people of all age groups, genders and backgrounds (with particular attention to fragile subject…
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research

Operastudio Puglia

Con l’Operastudio Puglia si vuole puntare la lente d’ingrandimento sul mondo della formazione e produzione in ambito artistico. Il percorso scelto permette un insieme di attività che diventano proces…

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