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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Education and research | Youth participation and empowerment

Bridging a Narew Gap

Nowy Głos is changing the way civic education happens, by using the debate to help Polish students grasp the world’s most pressing issues. Now, we want to reach out to marginalized, remote areas of P…
Education and research | Social inclusion

Teaching Peace & Empathy in Local Communities

We are experiencing the rise of populism and xenophobia. This affects especially communities outside of large cities, where there are no educational or political ways of preventing it. We will train …
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research


A person's family home will always be in their heart. Many living in our area were repatriated. We are their children and grandchildren. We return to their former homes to learn about their life. How…
Education and research | Youth participation and empowerment

Six Box English Learning

Equalizing educational opportunities and transfering the knowledge are the main topics in modern Poland. We want to provide friendly, combined, on-line English classes for 12-15 years old Sidra schoo…

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