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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Education and research | Youth participation and empowerment


We plan collective actions in the direction of involving young people and children in activities to meet people of different ages, with peers, to do interesting and useful things together, to act ind…
Education and research | Journalism

FLAME: Fostering Learning and Media Education

There is a notable gap in understanding, let alone writing and doing, social and political critique in Bulgaria. A simplistic “fault-finding” approach and a widely promoted ideological neoliberal dis…
Education and research | (Social) Entrepreneurship


The main goal of this project proposal is to build a partnership network between the Association of Young Scientists and Schools of the STEM system on the basis of public-private partnership, encoura…
Community development | Education and research

Education for development and support

The interaction between active teachers, former teachers and young people from all educational levels in the field of civic education, social inclusion, development of the local community will increa…
Education and research | Law, advocacy and policy

Be an active citizen

The judicial system in Bulgaria is inefficient. This is a waste of time and money for citizens and businesses looking to protect their rights more effectively. In small settlements, citizens do not h…
Education and research | Social inclusion

Center for shared learning “I’m, therefore we’re”

Children and young people in Varna who do not feel well-accepted in educational institutions find it hard to appreciate their own individuality, significance and to develop their potential and talent…
Education and research | Health

Brave Balloons Hospital

A challenging experience during hospital stay can make a young child feel as if they are in emotional free fall, hurtling towards the unknown with no control or direction. We can’t stop them falling.…
Education and research | Youth participation and empowerment

School of Empathy

Schools in the Plovdiv countryside and in rural areas are characterized by low participation in social, civic, and political life; in this way, children lose their interest in education, lack trust i…
Community development | Education and research


COVID19 forced many people to work online in the tranquility of rural houses.The depopulated villages came to life with the presence of young people who,together with students,will teach adults digit…

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