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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Environment and sustainability | Health

Children love Natural world and are part of it

Historically humans lived in more rural and wild landscapes, and children spent more of their childhood outdoors, allowing exposure to more microbes. How could we plant a love of nature in kids havin…
Education and research | Health

Brave Balloons Hospital

A challenging experience during hospital stay can make a young child feel as if they are in emotional free fall, hurtling towards the unknown with no control or direction. We can’t stop them falling.…
Community development | Health

Fast Heroes 112 / Бързи Герои 112

Every 1 of 4 will meet the stroke in life. Proper medical care in the next 3 hours decreases significantly the risk of severe health consequences. Children spend a lot of time with their grand-parent…
Health | Social inclusion

Healthy minds for better society

Most of the citizens in Smolyan region don’t trust the local authorities. They refuse to take part in social initiatives living isolated lives, which is threatening their mental health. We believe …
Arts and cultural activities | Health

Art for Health Project

The project focuses on a major problem in Bulgarian society - the importance and care for the mental health of children with cancer. The project includes conducting a hospital art program with creati…
Health | Youth participation and empowerment

Youth activation through volleyball & camaraderie

Since March 2020, the everyday life of young people has changed a lot due to COVID-19 pandemic. Spending a lot of time at home, staying out of ordinary school and social environments, excessive usage…

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