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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

Young Advocates on Better Education for All

We will empower the Vratsa Student Municipality Council to become an advocate for better education and inspire young people across Bulgaria. Through training and mentoring by the country’s leading NG…
Education and research | Law, advocacy and policy

Be an active citizen

The judicial system in Bulgaria is inefficient. This is a waste of time and money for citizens and businesses looking to protect their rights more effectively. In small settlements, citizens do not h…
Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

Sign Digital, Impact Real.

Sharing your idea, having a debate and getting people onboard about a civic initiative is almost impossible when you’re gathering signatures en masse on the street. What if you had access to an onlin…
Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

Act Green: Young People as Game Changers

Young people are the agents of change, and small cities and villages are the living labs where high-school students can shape local communities and help them embrace environmental policies and behavi…
Environment and sustainability | Law, advocacy and policy

Green gardens of democracy

Green gardens of innovation excellence to promote the technological know how ideas exchange in the area of law enhancement and civic participation. Development of innovation tech incubators and labs…
Law, advocacy and policy | Social inclusion

The Voice Of The Unheard

Building a new type of civil society, based on equal opportunities for all communities. Establishing Civic Councils - contact groups of elected representatives of the community for a permanent contac…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Take off the bounds, your opinion counts!

The project will be implemented in 5 disadvantaged settlements in Lovech region. The target groups include citizens, students and young people from the slums. The challenge will be to improve the wor…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy


The civil culture and the motivation for participation in the governance in the small communities in the district of Burgas are at a lower level than the ones needed in the democratic society. The pr…

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