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To encourage civil activities and cooperation of local resources to create a sustainable community capacity for the development of the civil society in small municipalities in the district of Burgas.


Who is behind this?


Non-profit Association “CHAR-Black Sea Association for Development – Burgas”


Who is joining forces?

“Self-education-1919” Chitalishte


Popular Community Centre (Chitalishte) “Prosveta 1914”


Popular Community Centre (Chitalishte) “Izgrev 1927”НЧ-Изгрев-1927-грОбзор




Idea pitch

The civil culture and the motivation for participation in the governance in the small communities in the district of Burgas are at a lower level than the ones needed in the democratic society. The project will help overcome deficits in the civil society in 3 small local communities in the town of Obzor and the municipalities of Primorsko and Malko Tarnovo, by mastering mechanisms for the participation of citizens, and creating sustainable local civil structures.

Where will your project idea take place?

Bulgaria, Burgas district: town of Obzor, Primorsko municipality and Malko Tarnovo municipality

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

This project will contribute to the overcoming of the deficits in the public environment in the target communities, being the main challenge. It is envisaged to increase the capacity of local civil society organizations and citizens to summon the public energy and increase civil activities in the administration on local level. The complex of project activities will create a sustainable model for improving the environment and the civil culture of the local population through the introduction of innovative mechanisms for civil dialogue and will motivate local authorities to partner with the civil structures created under the project - Civil Advisory Councils. Within the project, a partnership will be established with 3 community centres.

Who are you doing it for?

TARGET GROUPS: Civil organizations, NPOs and informal groups on the territory of the local communities; Representatives of the local authorities; Informal civil leaders and active members with manifested civil behaviour and consciousness; Representatives of the local community centres (chitalishta) and of the educational institutions; Citizens.

The project is expected to result in a significant change in the relationship between civil society and local authorities, which through the activities of the Civil Advisory Councils will have a lasting impact on the whole community.

How do you plan to get there?

A. Conduct of a Motivational Campaign: Informational and Motivational meetings will be held in Primorsko, Malko Tarnovo and Obzor with the participation of representatives of all target groups according to the following Programme: 1. Project Presentation; 2. Presentation of the Civil participation Mechanisms; 3. Discussion;
B. Conducting a Survey among 300 citizens from the target communities on the level of awareness, and checking the attitudes for direct participation in civil initiatives, related to the formulation and implementation of the local policies.
C. Conducting of 3 Public discussions with the participation of representatives of all target groups to identify common problems and mechanisms of civil participation for their solving.
D. Creating 3 Civil Consultative Councils in Primorsko, Malko Tarnovo and Obzor. Adopting Rules for their activities.
E. Development, printing and dissemination of 1000 copies of the “Civil Participation Guide”.
F. Signing of an Agreement among the 3 Civil Consultative Councils and the local authorities to cooperate in the formulation and implementation of the local policies.
G. Activities for publicity and visualization: submission of publications and printed materials (posters, flyers).

What are the expected results?

1. Implementation of a sustainable model for empowering civil society representatives in the three target local communities;
2. Building and acting sustainable capacity for community development on a local level – Civil Consultative Council;
3. Implementation of effective mechanisms for civil participation in the processes of making decisions on local level.
4. Long-term change in the policies of the local authorities for interaction with the representatives of the civil society.

Because of the Project implementation, a sustainable empowering of the local communities will be achieved, and sustainable local resources for civil participation and community development will be created.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

The implementation of the Project idea will increase the awareness of the civil community representatives in the target communities, who will adopt knowledge and skills for civil participation in the public and social life. By joint discussions and actions, a model for common problems solving will be introduced targeting the improvement of the communal quality of life. Two parties will now participate in the formulation and implementation of the local policies – the local authorities and the civil community. The “Civil Participation Guide” will grant access to a wide range of citizens to various mechanisms for civil participation. By the Civil Consultative Councils, the civil community will participate in the formulation and implementation of the policies in the local agenda.

Why is this idea important to you?

Our Association has been actively working since 2014 on the territory of the Burgas district, in the civil society sector, together with the local authorities and the civil society organizations. The problem of the lack of activities aimed at the development of the civil society in the town of Obzor and the municipalities of Malko Tarnovo and Primorsko has been repeatedly raised at public events. A desire has been declared by the local community centres (chitalishta) to collaborate our organization in activities to stimulate civil activities. The local partners state that they do not have sufficient capacity and want to use the experience and expertise of our organization. Mrs. Yatakchieva and Mrs. Zotova have expertise in the civil society sector.

€ 41200,-

Total budget

€ 32800,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

1. Cost per Project Management Team EUR 8 000
2. Expenses for External experts – organizers, trainers, moderators EUR 5600
3. Costs for logistics of the events/rent of halls, presentation
and sound equipment, materials for the participants, coffee breaks / EUR 14 400
4. Costs for printing information and advertising materials,
publications EUR 11 700
5. Costs for office consumables EUR 1 500

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We have extensive experience in conducting initiatives to strengthen the civil society. We will be grateful if you share with us opinions and suggestions in the field of citizen participation in the formulation and implementation of the local policies in small municipalities. We wish success to all!



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