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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development | Environment and sustainability

Paws for Thought

In our country of Greece, state funds and health services are inadequate and inconsistent. This results in tensions rising on the allready strained subject of animal welfare. We propose the creation …
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Birthing eco-conscious active citizens

Challenge: empower & connect local communities. Objective: systemic change through active and responsible citizens. Approach: Establishing Ecotopias as eco-cultural educational participatory projects…
Community development | Social inclusion

Past, Present, Future: Discover, Build, Ground

Evosmos, receiver of migrants in other moments of the 20th Century, is today the home of the newly arrived refugees who live with little connection with the neighbourhood’s civic fabric. The project …
Arts and cultural activities | Community development


Trikiklo delivers art in the 6th district of Athens, acting as an Ambassador of Victoria Square Project beyond walls. Trikiklo is a carrier of infrastructure, knowledge and joy. It activates three sp…
Community development | Social inclusion

“There are more Greeks like me”

Migrants and refugees living for years in Greece are not prepared on basic civic values by the state. Citizenship beneficiaries have to prove sterile knowledge on history, geography, civilization and…
Community development | Social inclusion


Ageism is a global challenge negatively affecting health, economy and communities. COVID-19 pandemic also increased older adults’ loneliness. Intergenerational interventions bring together old and yo…
Community development | Social inclusion

Working MoM Hub

Today world has welcomed the sharing economy where shared workspaces have become widely popular and the alternative to traditional office space. Women, as we all know, have been victims of gender bia…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Dialogue & Action for the Future

The small village is facing the challenge of growth and development in a changing world and is continuously decreasing in terms of demographics, local economic and social structures. But, even the sm…
Community development | Social inclusion

Satellite Kitchens

"Satellite kitchens" is an ongoing action research project focusing on the exterior kitchens constructed and organised mostly by women in northwestern Greece. It maps their typologies within Thespro…

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