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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development | Environment and sustainability


The Galician rural areas have been suffering for years from an avalanche of projects by big companies to despoil their natural resources (mining, macro-farms, wind farms).More and more citizen and en…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Filling the emptiness

Living in the rural areas has become an act of resistance. Our project seeks to transform the resistances from isolated communities into capacity of resilience, through participatory processes where …
Community development

Ama tu Zona (Love your Zone)

Challenge To reactivate the consumption and the commercial network, critically affected because of the COVID-19 crisis, with more than 150 businesses closed or almost nearby closed with a total numb…
Community development

Tenemos un plan - We have a plan

The creation of a community strategy with a clear goal is proposed: to facilitate that the action of the various assets and citizens of the neighborhood is aimed at promoting wellbeing in the territo…
Community development | Environment and sustainability


Although 23% of the area of the Goierri region is a useful land area and 20% of the population is rural, primary sector employment accounts for only 1% of the total. The main objective is to generate…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

The Nest a rural shelter for the community

We want to reactivate a public space that used to be the place of reunion for the elderly community of a village to transform it in an open intergenerational space for the community. With culture and…
Community development | Social inclusion

Caring Conversations

With the aim of promoting the compassionate neighbourhood, the initiative is to tuck in the shops and the restaurants of the capital of Alava in the work of understanding and support for the citizens…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Walking toward SDG12

“Walking towards SDG12” was born from the meeting of two projects wherein Amycos is involved: “Stairway to SDG” and “Burgos, city for fairtrade”. The idea is to bring all the partners and knowledge a…
Community development | Social inclusion


San Cristóbal is a poverty-stricken neighborhood in Madrid. Its vulnerable population have difficulties to access food due to a lack of livelihoods, and the existing initiatives are not coordinated. …

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