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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Level-Up CommYOUnity

Level-Up CommYOUnity is a project idea that will boost youth participation like it should always have been - fun, engaging and rewarding. We want to co-create a digital system with the Youth Sector a…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Rural Population Connected

The village of Aveloso, like others in the interior of Portugal, has been faced with several factors, such as depopulation, an elderly population and unemployment that have encouraged the abandonment…
Community development | Environment and sustainability


Agro-charrette aims to plant some seeds towards a participative, conscious, healthier, social and economically responsible rural community of a village in the north of Portugal: Apúlia. There is a l…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Youth for Economic Justice

Transformative change must begin with young people, organizing and advocating for solutions themselves. Our project is aimed at increasing awareness and dialogue among young people to mobilize suppor…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Fanzidades - Words Beyond Borders

This Community Media project aims to create a strong shared sense of identity among the ethnically diverse residents of a peripheral neighbourhood in Lisbon. Its methodology will hinge around partici…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Breaking free from instant lottery

Instant Lottery (scratch-cards) has been encouraging excessive gambling due to its association as a rewarding experience, rapid event frequency and short payout. In Portugal scratch-card sales have b…
Community development | Social inclusion

Bottom-Up Integration

The integration of refugees in Portugal is mostly designed according to a top-down logic, with little to no participation of refugees and the host communities. Our idea, taking place in Braga, aims t…
Community development | Social inclusion

Citizens of the Round Table

Round tables with citizens of neighbourhoods of Lisbon that feel neglected and don’t have access to meaningful public participation to share ideas and make them happen. These round tables will have m…
Community development | Social inclusion

Our homes, our rights! Moms for housing.

We propose that isolated single moms can grow and learn as a community. It’s our main goal to create a space of mutual aid where they can meet, learn about their rights and participate in their commu…

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