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The Nest a rural shelter for the community

A place to gather, learn, share and grow together.


Who is behind this?

M S. Martini



Who is joining forces?

Local authorities, public institutions and local specialists


On each step of the project we will work with the active participation of the community as a departing point promoting their interaction with specialist and institutions key for their development.


Idea pitch

We want to reactivate a public space that used to be the place of reunion for the elderly community of a village to transform it in an open intergenerational space for the community. With culture and education as collective engines, our dream is to create a seed and example of hope and solidarity for other small communities to revive after this difficult crisis having culture and creativity as their main tool.

Where will your project idea take place?

Small rural town of Segovia province

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Recovering the elderly community space of the village as a symbol of hope and reinvention, our project will be focused in helping the emotional recovery of the part of the community most affected by this crisis with the core objective of improving their quality of life. We want to put them at the centre of our efforts and also at the central stage of their villages/towns, creating an open space for them to interact with and take an active role in their communities.
With the assistance of local referents and institutions, we will redefine the strategy of their former place to make it sustainable and open to all the community for their collective development. One of the main challenges of this area is depopulation with all the collateral damages that it generates.

Who are you doing it for?

The elderly, but also children and the artistic community are all strongly affected by this crisis, facing enormous challenges for their education and future, their quality of life and the dignity and integrity of their work. Our project will give them the chance to come together and creatively support each other in solidarity, to rediscover their sense of community and grow stronger from that. That’s precisely what Europe needs to do too, especially in this time of crisis, to concentrate its efforts in the people who need them the most and thanks to them rediscover the core values and purpose that made it exist in the first place.

How do you plan to get there?

Our first step will be to recover and restart the global strategy that we previously designed collectively with the local authorities, the elderly association, the local chamber of commerce and the community to rescue and transform the original place.
Preserving that focus, we will adapt the next specific actions to the requirements of the current situation and gradually coordinate the preparations and the reopening of the place.
Next, we will reconnect with the artists, educators, local and regional groups and associations that will take part in the activities and courses to rebuild the calendar of our centre collectively.
With all that ready, we will work on reconditioning the place and getting it ready to its rebirth as soon as the situation allows it.
Our main challenge is the sustainability of the first few months because once the place is running it is very plausible it will sustain itself.

What are the expected results?

Our main goal in terms of results for this project is to convert it in a reference and inspirational example of how culture and education can improve the social reality and the quality of life.
We will create also an audiovisual documentation of the processes and activities to generate a library of content accessible to all and to be used as a reference and example of the project and its results. This material can help motivate others for replication of this model in other places facing similar challenges.
The results of the project will be followed at every step and analysed and discussed with the community in order to share the experiences and incorporate the processes and practical knowledge.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Our idea will design and implement a system for the long term sustainable dialogue and interaction of the community with itself and with key referents from areas like culture, education and social development. All this will take places locally, placing the territory and its reality at a central stage.
As a result of that dialogue, the community will acquire essential knowledge, tools and experiences to recover and protect their active participation and engagement with society.
Also from this interaction with artists and key members of society, the reality of this community will gain visibility in core contexts fundamental for its future.

Why is this idea important to you?

For many years we have been working in launching, directing and coordinating independent projects related to the development of local communities with the support from prestigious public and private companies and institutions in LatAm and Europe. Moved by the motivation to help solving the challenge of depopulation and lack of cultural diversity in rural areas of Spain, two years ago we settled in one of those villages where we are supporting the work of local institutions and regional leaders to solve those issues. Thanks to that, we are now able to work closely with the community, helping them to collectively find solutions, making our knowledge, contacts and experiences openly available to them.

€ 80000,-

Total budget

€ 35000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Local artists, educators and delegates 25000 EUR
Project production and coordination 15000 EUR
Venue staff (assistance, daily duties, technical and general support) 15000 EUR
Site reconditioning 10000 EUR
Filming/editing crew for documentation and audiovisual archive 6000 EUR
Cost of venue (rent and expenses) 4000 EUR
Transport and logistics (town to town regional travel - community and delegates) 3000 EUR.
Audiovisual equipment (Screenings, workshops, talks, and general events) 2000 EUR

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We want to learn from people facing the same challenges and incorporate their experiences and creative solutions to apply it to achieve our goals and to inspire the participants of our activities learning from good examples and discovering solutions transferable for their situations.




Idea created on April 25, 2021
Last edit on April 26, 2021

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