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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Community development

We are all our community - Activate Shipka

Art is a powerful tool for addressing sensitive topics such as democracy, human rights, inequalities. It’s successfully used for social inclusion, because of its strong level of engagement with the a…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Innovation for SCaling up Rural ENterprise-ISCREN

Social enterprise is one of the foundations of democracy and civil society. Social enterprise is particularly underdeveloped in Bulgarian rural areas, where determined and self-directed social entrep…
Community development

The Social Herbal Garden

We want to create a community-based garden which supports excluded youngsters & elderly gardeners from rural areas. Our idea creates safe space for work, growth and learning and possibility for inter…
Community development

Generation Bridge

The seniors and youths separated by modern world developments get together to bridge their competences one to another. The youths teach how the seniors to use digital devices and seniors teach the yo…

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