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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Community development

We are all our community - Activate Shipka

Art is a powerful tool for addressing sensitive topics such as democracy, human rights, inequalities. It’s successfully used for social inclusion, because of its strong level of engagement with the a…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Innovation through Cooperation

The city of Montana in Northwestern Bulgaria has a decreasing number of youth due to a high unemployment and mobility of young people towards other regions. The municipal plan for youth development i…
Environment and sustainability

Blue Sky

Building a station to measure air quality, creating a website and a Facebook page to inform the citizens about the air quality in the neighbourhood close the factory. The site and the Facebook page w…
Arts and cultural activities | Youth participation and empowerment

Danube Design Lab

In Ruse, deindustrialization has left the river detached from the city, while career and social opportunities for youth have diminished. The Danube Design Lab empowers socially excluded youth to chan…

Capture reality yourself

Using the media as a training method for young people in the process of integration of ethnic minorities and overcoming conflicts on racial, gender, ethnic grounds. The equipment of a student radio i…

Citizens’ Jury as new model for Direct Democracy

We aim to involve DIRECTLY the citizens in the decision-making level and to give a chance for EVERY woman and man to be heard. We shall give a chance for all, including those who feel excluded, beca…
Social inclusion

Roma Voice 2021

We aim to make sure Roma voices are heard in the upcoming parliamentary election in 2021. The initiative will strive to ensure political committment towards the Roma community on behalf of people fro…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Innovation for SCaling up Rural ENterprise-ISCREN

Social enterprise is one of the foundations of democracy and civil society. Social enterprise is particularly underdeveloped in Bulgarian rural areas, where determined and self-directed social entrep…
Community development

The Social Herbal Garden

We want to create a community-based garden which supports excluded youngsters & elderly gardeners from rural areas. Our idea creates safe space for work, growth and learning and possibility for inter…

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