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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Make It Green Lesvos

The world is racing towards carbon neutrality by 2050 to reverse climate change. We want the Youth to be the forefront in this race. Local and refugee youth in Lesvos have few opportunities to learn …
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Dialogue & Action for the Future

The small village is facing the challenge of growth and development in a changing world and is continuously decreasing in terms of demographics, local economic and social structures. But, even the sm…
Education and research | Social inclusion

"Ro-mama's civic drops"

Could literature break the ghettos? Could literature contribute to the formation of active citizens? Through interactive literary discussions, we aim to raise the awareness of young Roma women on soc…
Social inclusion


PEACEBUILDERS is a hands-on peacebuilding program, where multicultural, cross-generational and gender-inclusive local and refugee children, unaccompanied minors and youth, co-create actions, policies…
Environment and sustainability

Islands of Hope

Small islands are renowned sources of natural richness and cultural diversity. Yet their fate is often decided in urban political centres, while community voices, untrained in structured dialogue, ar…
Social inclusion | Community development

Weaving collective narratives

Through a 3 step Methodology (Sensing - Convening - Acting), we aim at relieving the conflict between patriarchy domination and societal inclusivity in a remote village of Crete with a strong cultura…
Environment and sustainability

CATALYST - Energy Poverty/Energy Democracy

Energy poverty is affecting almost 125m Europeans and has major social implications. For the region of Epirus in Greece, the challenge is even deeper as it is among the poorest regions in Europe. O…
Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability

Kompostopia: composting our way to community!

Our main challenge is to transcend our egos and discover meaningful & entertaining ways to earn our livelihood, connect community, improve ourselves & our environment. Objective: host participatory e…

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