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These are the shortlisted project ideas of the Idea Challenge 2021. Winners will be announced in October.

Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Youth to Youth

Let’s stop pretending that young people can’t be trusted. Our movement wants to give young people a platform where they can help and a voice that would be heard. We want to welcome young people to sh…
Education and research | Social inclusion


In the last 6 years, native people and way of life are redundant to some EU leaders with big consequences. Big cities or main industry hub centers dictate development that is in the mindset of greed …
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Let’s talk about it.

We want to reestablish social interactions among high school and college students in Podravje region considering all the safety measures regarding COVID-19. A group of volunteers who study psychology…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Infokolpa Community Spaces

We build deinstitutionalized platforms for social inclusion and co-create autonomous spaces run by migrants and locals where people can meet, organise, articulate their needs, engage with each other …
(Social) Entrepreneurship | Social inclusion

Together we are stronger

We want to provide the elderly from the local environment access to free services at their homes, because they can no longer do so on their own, due to age and various health limitations. These are e…
Human rights | Social inclusion


Our goal is to empower those with intellectual disability and teach them self advocacy skills so they can become active citizens and members of the society. We want to empower and serve their famili…
Health | Social inclusion

My grandparents and I

We created an intergenerational program called My grandparents and I that will allow us to connect our students with their grandparents and other senior citizens in their local communities. We will e…
Community development | Social inclusion

Integration of urban immigrant women in rural area

The problem is covert discrimination of urban immigrant women by the local population and the consequent difficulty with integrating into community life. The target group is an overlooked and vulnera…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Independant living for people with special needs

In Laško, there are no possibilities for people with special needs to live in institutional care or independently outside institutions. We strive to represent tangible options for independent living …

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