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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Human rights


Persons with mental health issues, other persons with disabilities and their relatives are in large extent stigmatised, discriminated, and therefore excluded from public life. Full enjoyment of their…
Human rights | Journalism

Political is Personal

Multimedia campaigns for activists, initiatives and movements for raising awareness about most urgent social problems, strengthening and connecting civic organizations, while building national awaren…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Infokolpa Community Spaces

We build deinstitutionalized platforms for social inclusion and co-create autonomous spaces run by migrants and locals where people can meet, organise, articulate their needs, engage with each other …
Human rights | Social inclusion

Independant living for people with special needs

In Laško, there are no possibilities for people with special needs to live in institutional care or independently outside institutions. We strive to represent tangible options for independent living …
Human rights | Social inclusion

Turning disability into ability

Based on our experience as providers of personal assistance to disabled (users) in Slovenia, we observe that our users and their families are often uninvolved in society and mostly limited to their f…
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment


Are you confused before every election because you don't know if you are making a right decision? Then join us in our workshops where we will get to know our political parties, their structure, main …
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment

Workers’ stories for social change

The project addresses the topic of workers’ rights in the community that is seemingly thriving through researching the past and the present, bringing awareness about it to the broader public, offerin…
Community development | Human rights

Ambassadors now!

All Slovenian inhabitants have the right to access public healthcare services, but do they? Even in a time of a pandemic? Cultural and linguistic barriers are the real-life Roma people face every…
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment


The purpose of our campaign is to raise awareness of the public in the broadest sense about the unacceptable and irresponsible conduct of the society, when faced with sexual exploitation and abuse of…

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