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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Education and research | Social inclusion


In the last 6 years, native people and way of life are redundant to some EU leaders with big consequences. Big cities or main industry hub centers dictate development that is in the mindset of greed …
Education and research | Environment and sustainability

MORIGENOS - Voice of the Sea

Have you ever heard or seen a dolphin? Do you know what do we have in common with them? There will be one place in Slovenia, where you can find out anything about dolphins. We do research on dolph…
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research

Culture-driven revitalization of rural communities

Cultural residency Podlog pod Bohorjem aims at facilitating communal vitality in the rural Kozjansko region, which has historically suffered from depopulation due to negative economic and rural-discr…
Education and research | Environment and sustainability

Nature my Home

The project aims to strengthen the community by raising awareness of the local heritage and unique biodiversity of the primeval forest of Kočevski Rog as well as creating opportunities for non-formal…
Community development | Education and research

Family-Educators Station for Thriving Community

Family is a human envelope in which people as individuals prepare for their actions/missions in society. But "it takes a village to raise a child", so educators and community play an important role t…
Education and research | Health

Creating a better world through Citizen Science

The project focuses on the problem that has affected almost the entire world population during the last year - the Covid-19 pandemic. Economic, social (macro and micro, such as family), demographic a…

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