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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Health | Youth participation and empowerment

Za(upam) si – I trust (dare) myself

There is little long-term oriented psychological support available to young people with their mental health issues, especially to those from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We wa…
Health | Social inclusion

My grandparents and I

We created an intergenerational program called My grandparents and I that will allow us to connect our students with their grandparents and other senior citizens in their local communities. We will e…
Education and research | Health

Creating a better world through Citizen Science

The project focuses on the problem that has affected almost the entire world population during the last year - the Covid-19 pandemic. Economic, social (macro and micro, such as family), demographic a…
Health | Social inclusion


Our great wish is: -to autistic people be equally involved in everyday local life and not be perceived by the environment as underestimating and disgusting -resolving and alleviating the plight and p…

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