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Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

The Others In Me

We will creatively help young European generations to improve their social involvement, perception and understanding to help them be protagonist of a better future for their community.
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Digital communities

“Digital Communities” is a community based project located in the rural region of Terres de l’Ebre (Spain) focused on closing the digital gap in daily day administrative activities among disadvant…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment


We are convinced that education is the engine for people to develop, and thus feel as useful members within society, regardless of their social situation, origin, or ethnicity. It is an exercise of e…
Community development | Social inclusion

Caring Conversations

With the aim of promoting the compassionate neighbourhood, the initiative is to tuck in the shops and the restaurants of the capital of Alava in the work of understanding and support for the citizens…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Acceso 24

Puente de Vallecas is a neighborhood in Madrid with the highest rate of people with disabilities yet most of the public institutions are inaccessible and nobody is working on eliminating physical, so…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Women for Women - W4W

W4W is about giving voice and empowering women who have experienced homelessness and are in the process of recovery. They want to support other women who are now in a homeless situation, by creating …
Community development | Social inclusion


San Cristóbal is a poverty-stricken neighborhood in Madrid. Its vulnerable population have difficulties to access food due to a lack of livelihoods, and the existing initiatives are not coordinated. …
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Artivism for Global Justice

When a young migrant arrives alone in a large city, the risk of rejection and social isolation becomes present. A first reception is necessary but not enough to guarantee their rights to a dignified …
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

DEMO DemocraticEmpowerment4Migrants’Opportunities

Do you know how hard is for vulnerable groups to make their voice heard? Bottom-up processes are what is needed! Our organizations want to actively contribute to a society where everyone is involved …

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