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Community development | Social inclusion

Democratic Daylight after Turbulent Time (DDTT)!

City of Glina and surrounding villages were hardly hit by earthquake. About 5000 people, mostly elderly have been left without long-term help. Due to isolation, lack of knowledge and democratic proce…
Community development | Social inclusion

Let's empower wo(man)!

Municipality of Voćin is rural and underdeveloped area affected by the Homeland War (1991-1995); high level of depopulation, high number of men are working abroad while families stay at home, a highl…
Health | Social inclusion

No One Is Free Until Everyone Is Free

At the suburbs of Zagreb and with the view on the main landfill of the Croatian capital, our team wants to create with asylum seekers and their new neighbors an oasis of dialogue and tolerance. In a …
Community development | Social inclusion

Spaces of inclusion and participation

Improving cooperation between civil society and the local community in the use of public spaces and increasing the use of public spaces for social life at the local level through cross-sectoral coope…
Health | Social inclusion


The COVID-19 epidemic has greatly affected the lives of people around the world especially people with disabilities who are dependent on help on a daily basis other persons. With project Sport unites…
Community development | Social inclusion


Due to comm. barriers people with hearing problems are marginalized and disconnected from society and because of that are often feeling less worthy. We want to bring sign language closer to our citiz…
Education and research | Social inclusion

Change your future by upskilling

Knowledge, work skills and experience are a proven way to a better opportunity to find a suitable job and contribute to own community and the quality of own life. Today, however, we are facing a pand…
Community development | Social inclusion


Today, more than ever we need community – strong, inclusive, emphatic, and nature-oriented. We want to drive changes by identifying the talents of the PWDs and helping them to overcome socio-economic…
Community development | Social inclusion


“WORK(OUT)SIDE THE BOX“ wants to encourage discussion in the rural area of Imotski about physical exercise and suppress stareotypes existing due to the general view that workout exclusively serves as…

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