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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Culture is the ability to build relationships

We want to set up a social forum of social activation. We focus on art & beauty understood as a tool for building relationships between people &man with nature. Practicing art & calligraphy, running…
Education and research | Social inclusion

Teaching Peace & Empathy in Local Communities

We are experiencing the rise of populism and xenophobia. This affects especially communities outside of large cities, where there are no educational or political ways of preventing it. We will train …
(Social) Entrepreneurship | Social inclusion

School of Social and Civic Animation

This initative aims to awaken the potential for personal growth, civic engagement and leadership within a group of 50 homeless men and women who live in shelters and community homes in very rural are…
Environment and sustainability | Social inclusion

Meals of Power

We collect food with close expiry dates, that might not be used otherwise, from producers or retailers. Then, with the help of volunteers, we distribute the food to the recipients. These are people w…
Health | Social inclusion

Protect Our Children's Mental Health

One of the most disturbing and underestimated trend of our times is an impact of technology development to our kids' menthal health. We have been observing our kids in front of their screen for a cou…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Migrants Integration Community (MIC)

Creation of the series of short films by and for migrants presenting their daily life in Poland will show their uneasy way with all ups and downs of the living in the foreign country. It will help to…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

“Poland for everyone”.

We want to make everyone living in Warsaw (including foreigners and refugees) to be able to visit and to get to know other regions in Poland. Some of them don’t even know what great and unique small …
Social inclusion


An online social and media education program conducted for a group of women in jail. As a result, their social participation and self-advocacy will be initiated. The participants will run a blog eWKr…
Community development | Social inclusion

Old is bold!

The project addresses serious problem of very low social participation of seniors, the inability to use their potential and experience, especially in the field of self-organization and self-advocacy,…

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