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Migrants Integration Community (MIC)

Visual Inspirations for successful migrants development and inclusion.


Who is behind this?

Stanislaw Alwasiak

Foundation of Support of Local Ties Linking Foundation



Idea pitch

Creation of the series of short films by and for migrants presenting their daily life in Poland will show their uneasy way with all ups and downs of the living in the foreign country. It will help to exchange of experiences and ideas leading to large impact and community development around this subject. Project create a pathfinder for successful integration efforts in appealing and entertaining way.

Where will your project idea take place?

Southern Poland

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Migrants Integration Community (MIC) project address the challenge of migrants and especially young migrants integration challenges in an innovative and creative way showing obstacles, problems, challenges, hopes, and dreams of migrants coming to Poland. In that way, we encourage native Polish citizens to empathically understand migrants' integration efforts. Furthermore, we plan to reach out to migrants showing them useful tips in finding their way around in Poland. Through series of short films done by migrant students especially of artistic studies, we will develop an interesting guide to successful integration. We plan to build the community migrants and non-migrants assisting migrants in finding their way in Poland

Who are you doing it for?

We plan to work with:
1) Migrants and especially young migrants using Social media and communicating through the internet. We would like to reach out to at least 10 000 viewers and participants.
2) Mainstream society - interested and curious about life and challenges and perspectives of migrants perception of Poland and Poles. We would like to reach out to not less than 8000 viewers, commentators and participants interested in w the life of migrants in Poland.

How do you plan to get there?

MIC project is divided into three activities.
1) Conceptualisation and development of the mature concept of the film and community development and presentation to the larger audience
2) Development of the films and consequently community around the stories and migrants behind them, development of the support efforts for migrants and self help
3) Dissemination and promotion activities as a way to reach out to local and regional as well as national recognition including meetings, presentations, press and media releases.

ad1) The project approach focuses on the development of the films as tools for community building and gathering different voices. The concept of the films will be developed using the methodology of Design Thinking and service design. We plan to meet several times and work out the best interesting true factual stories about migrants' challenges in Poland. We will document them and describe case studies that will be base on film development.
ad2) Development of the films and consequently community around the stories and migrants behind them, will encourage development of the support efforts for migrants and self help. Presentation of films will lead to creation of the critical mass of audience interested in sharing thoughts, concepts and ideas
ad3) Dissemination and promotion activities will focus on traditional media and meetings with various partners.

What are the expected results?

1) The series of 20 short films featuring the life and integration challenges of migrants and especially young migrants living in Poland will be developed.
2) Community of migrants and non-migrants supporting them will be developed around the web page, social media, and open meetings
3) System of support for MIC initiative development focused on the project activities sustainability.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

MIC project gives voice to the migrants. Created films and gathered stories and testimonies will show an interesting picture of migrants themselves and within changing society in transition. Gathered ideas for the betterment of the migrant's situation will build social trust being the capital for a cohesive society. Showing various aspects of migrants' life will help to better understand and will lead to improving the awareness of the situation of migrants within Polish society. Consequently, at the end of the project, a community of engaged viewers will be created to support and endorse migrants' efforts for successful integration.

Why is this idea important to you?

The team implementing the MIC project consists of 6 migrants and non-migrants working together for a public cause. It includes professional journalist and filmmaker from Kyiv, artists studying at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Krakow, experienced educator focused on Social Market, Social Employment, E-Learning, Education and NGOs area and project management specialists working with the EU projects in Poland and abroad.
We learn to cooperate in the development of social innovations and volunteer support for migrants arriving in Poland. We hope to build a better future in Poland and actively search for the possibility to work together toward this aim. We have been entrusted with the support of the experienced civic organization to develop the MIC project and like-minded Poles and migrants.

€ 36000,-

Total budget

€ 35000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Design Thinking workshops and concept development 2000 EUR,
Film documentation and case analysis 4000 EUR,
Film development and realization 20 x 500 (10 000 EUR),
Translation 3000 EUR
Postproducation 5000 EUR,
Web page development and regular update 3000 EUR
Local transport and meetings 1500, Community animation 2500 EUR
Information, Promotion and dissemination and media relation 3000 EUR.
Management of the project 2000 EUR

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We would like to discuss how to improve our approach and concept of short film development in the MIC project. We are looking forward to learning suggestions concerning the format, duration, and length of the appealing production and benchmarks and suggestions concerning the envisioned stories.



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