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ObJem (ang. AtEat, Hug)

Establishment of a network of indoor and outdoor breastfeeding facilities ObJem, which would be in the public good, safe, pleasant to the senses, free, thus contribute to urban equipment.


Who is behind this?

Martina Fukuhara Štirn

Association Birth House, slo.Društvo Porodna Hiša


Who is joining forces?

International Centre of Graphic Art


Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Protection


Cooperative Pomelaj


In May 2021 our project ObJem arrangement are continue with the mayors of the UNICEF initiative 'Breastfeeding Friendly City' - in Novo mesto, Slovenj Gradec, Mislinja, Kranj in Slovenia.


Idea pitch

The goal of the project ObJem is to normalise public breastfeeding. Today young parents, if they are in the city, resort to breastfeeding standing or sitting on the first bench, in bars, even in changing rooms in shops, in toilets, or under the roof of small houses on children's playgrounds. Cities need more public, free spaces where young parents and children could eat in a relaxed manner. Our typical breastfeeding client ObJem is mother and / or father, babysitter, grandparents with children.

Where will your project idea take place?

First in Ljubljana, later Novo mesto, Kranj, Slovenj Gredec, Mislinja, Koper, Maribor in Slovenija.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

In order to make breastfeeding and nursing in an urban space more pleasant, and not to hide, we need to create an innovative spatial plan of indoor and outdoor breastfeeding spaces ObJem together with city administration experts, which would offer parents to retreat to a cocoon in the middle of the city hustle and bustle - a kind of urban womb- in a space that unites public and private, they enclose themselves, but are still part of a larger whole, they feel the city outside, other people, they just rest, breastfeed, lie down with the child to fall asleep. Later we want to spread information about the SOS helpline, a friendly breastfeeding campain, instlled places ObJem to the general public, specialy by distribute leaflets ObJem to hospitals, info pints, city halls, all promotion medias.

Who are you doing it for?

ObJem typical client is new breastfeeding mother and/or father, babysitter, grandparents with children. We will work with secondary schools teenagers, to provide them good information about breastfeeding in a healthy lifestyle.
Project ObJem is in the domain of the public good, our typical interlocutor is city and local administrations (responsible for squares, parks, playgrounds, public institutions: town hall, administrative buildings, hospitals, kindergartens, museums, hotels, airport, theater, tourist info points) and private individuals. Unicef Slovenia is this year committed campaign for a breastfeeding-friendly city with Novo mesto, Kranj, Mislinja and Slovenj Gradec and our arrangements with them are ongoing. As the African proverb says the whole village needs to mature a child.

How do you plan to get there?

April 2021 - beside civic euope, applied project ObJem to id20 HeritageLab in Idrija, Slovenia. If answer will be positive, cooperate in next years with them to make a business plan ObJem and expand our main operations: about sos telephone breastfeeding, breastfeed friendly campaign and installations of internal and external breastfeeding places ObJem.
May 2021 - continue our negotiations of project ObJem to the mayors of the UNICEF initiative 'Breastfeeding Friendly City' - to Novo mesto, Slovenj Gradec, Mislinja, Kranj in Slovenia.
June 2021 - plan to establishe the ObJem Foundation.
September 2021 to December 2022 -to selected public and private locations where people gather (bars, restaurants, galleries,city ​​offices , kindergarten...) and if they wish, offer training for all employees - information on the importance, normalisation, safety and resolving conflicts about public breastfeedingn Slovenia. They will receive a sticker with which they will state that they support public breastfeeding and thus prevent shaming mothers for public breastfeeding,
September 2022 - invite to the press conference of ObJem in Ljubljana
Till October 2022 - install two breastfeeding swings of ObJem project in Park Tivoli playground, co-production MOL OGDP, ZRSVN Ljubljana.
Till October 2022 - to install ObJem suckling nest in Švicarija Art Center, co-production MGLC Ljubljana.

What are the expected results?

When a baby is hungry, it needs the mother's lap and breasts right away. ObJem's public indoor and outdoor breastfeeding installations offer free artistic and social use of spaces that parents with children do not want to 'hide' from public spaces, but get safe shelter in bad weather and that they can also breastfeed lying down, not just standing or sitting, or that they can fall asleep safely. Such good practices - draw attention to feelings and relationships - have big and far-reaching effects: as much as you have been lovingly nourished - even in a sensual and emotional sense - as a child, it is the norm for all later relationships, contributes to a calmer, friendlier, solidary, creative society with less postpartum depression.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

- by the active comunications with city mayors - we visited Ljubljana City Hall in Feb. 2021 - to present the project ObJem and to raise the awareness of the city authorities, that urban equipment should be designed according to the principle of participation of different age groups of the population. Specialy the vulnerable groups of mothers, parents, have nowhere to go at all during the corona time. We will continue this negotiations with city councilors across Slovenia.
- to give a voice in the decision-making with educating young parents to get proprer infotmation by sos phone, workshops, discussion panels, conferences, that they take responsible action in a public place, so they are part of social inclusion and aware of community development

Why is this idea important to you?

Martina F. Štirn, B.Sc. econ, dipl. psych, mag. of art, cert. doula, painter, dancer, set designer, director, costume designer, producer, conceptual, artistic designer and business manager of nursing homes ObJem
Andreja Willma Kolenc, physics, birth activist, birth coach, childbirth educator, breastfeeding counsellor, executive director since 2010 for NGO"Društvo Porodna Hiša", HiBAC breastfeeding specialist
To involve cultural heritage and art
- Maja Pučl, mag. of art,
-Miran Pešič, builder, craftsman, manufacturer
-Matej Bizovičar B.Sc. acad. Painter, nursemaid, craftsman, maker
- Pomelaj team consists of experienced craftsmen who have acquired their knowledge through several years of work with the support of mentors who have passed on the knowledge to their “students”.

€ 41000,-

Total budget

€ 35000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Cost category

Total cost 41000

FEES 15500
Martina Štirn idea founder, main executor, coordination with partners 3500
Matej Bizovičar, Miran Pešič manufacture of 2 external breastfeeding swings 6000 € x2= 12000

Swing 2400
Pomelaj Nest 3800
Equipment 2800

Production - Accounting NGO 2000
Cost of space 4500
Mobi, mail, mobi, internet 2000
Website ObJem, Promotion (flyers, stickers ...) 3000
Travel expenses: 5000

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Do the circumstances in the city offer you enough safe and comfortable places for breastfeeding?
What kind of public place you dream of, would choose to nurse your baby?
What myth about breastfeeding are you interested in, is it true or not?
Which is your funniest myth about breastfeeding?




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Last edit on April 26, 2021

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