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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development | Education and research

Academy of Civic education

Citizens from small municipalities feel distrust in politics and lose motivation to be active. Politicians at the local level are not professionals, working usually part-time and fearing own mistakes…
Community development

A church that breaks borders

The church persists for centuries, the people around it change. They come and leave… the church can become the center of life again. Our project double-goal 1) make a public competition of architectu…
Community development | Social inclusion

BEJVÁK - a place to meet UP

We want to provide an open inspirational space for all the social group. Together we will develop this place for lectures / exhibitions / regular themed cinemas etc. There is no space yet for meeting…
Community development

Bilingual Montessori class in PL/CZ border region

Although we live in CZ/PL border area where both nations interact for centuries there are still many prejudices which prevent good neighborhood relations. We believe the education is the most powerfu…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Community development with heritage care

Our city is located in the agglomeration of the capital. There are many residents who have moved here in recent years from the large city. Their connection is mainly with people and organizations of …
Community development | (Social) Entrepreneurship


Our project tackles the problem of low resilience and insufficient civic engagement of people living in areas with low civic cohesion in former Sudetenland. Our vision is to find, connect and support…
Community development

Community Lab of Democracy and School Education

A school founded and directed by parents, children and staff. Impossible? No, we are the example. Our community of 40 families has been running a primary school since 2015, and another one since 2020…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Community Street Art

Challenge is to be in a movement of community co-creation and by thus to reappropriate streets of Karvina after this time of lockdown. Objectives Put colors in the street of our city Karvina thr…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Connecting local producers with local customers

We need to remove obstacles between local producers on one hand and local people and entrepreneurs on the other hand. We will promote local production as crucial part of local economy. We will connec…

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