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Community development | Education and research

Academy of Civic education

Citizens from small municipalities feel distrust in politics and lose motivation to be active. Politicians at the local level are not professionals, working usually part-time and fearing own mistakes…
Community development | Education and research

Democratic education partnership

Since 2017 our inclusive community garden inspires informal education communities all around Slovakia. We have set up a free democratic, inclusive school. We raise awareness about alternative educati…
Community development | Education and research

Dragonfly Council

We are aiming to improve the communication in the schools in our town, both internal (between teachers and pupils) and external (between teachers and parents). We are developing an unique practice of…
Community development | Education and research

Řetízkárna - (Mind) Changing Room

We are saving a ruin of a building, a last standing witness of two historical traumas connected with the Nazi and communist regimes in the Czech-German border region. The past events and a silent loc…
Education and research

Teaching Teachers to Teach Citizens

Tolerance, respect for others, defence of democratic values are notions that we gain at home. If we don´t, we can still learn them at school. But it´s much more difficult. It´s why we need the best t…

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