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Connecting local producers with local customers

There are lot of local food producers but people don't buy it. It's expensive they say. There are many entrepreneurs in tourism but they don't use it. We need to buy everything in one place they say.


Who is behind this?

Marek Hartych

MAS Český sever, z.s.

Czech Republic

Who is joining forces?

Ceske Svycarsko, o.p.s. - Destination Fund Ceske Svycarsko

Czech Republic

DMO Luzicke a Zitavske hory, z.s - Destination Fund Luzicke hory

Czech Republic


Idea pitch

We need to remove obstacles between local producers on one hand and local people and entrepreneurs on the other hand. We will promote local production as crucial part of local economy. We will connect these three groups and show them benefits of local consumption. We will teach local people everybody can have a profit from tourism as a segment of local business. We will support new partnerships, vertical and horizontal cooperation in a short-supply chain to achieve a synergy for our region.

Where will your project idea take place?

Region of MAS Cesky sever, nord Czechia, Sudetenland, 41 municipalities, 73 thousands inhabitans.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Our region is a part of Sudetenland. It means the majority of original inhabitans was removed after the 2nd WW. After 30 years of freedom we are still at the beginning. No roots, no history, no traditions, no honoured familes. And also no collective interest to support region. In situation like this there is no relationship between local people and entrepreneurs on one hand and local producers on the other hand. No common need to help each other. There are some activities to strengthen communities, start new traditions, teach about regional history etc. But local economy is still something strange for people. Except local brewerries, bakerries and cake shops. We have to add our region belongs to the poorest in the Czech republic with ethnic problems, depopulation and low education level.

Who are you doing it for?

Target group of our project consists of four groups of people. The first - local producers, mainly producers of ingredients, food and drinks (tea, cofee, beer, juices), but also providers of services for visitors and producers of gifts and souvenirs. The second - local entrepreneurs, mainly operators of accommodation and restaurants, but also owners of small groceries. The third - inhabitans - in two ways. As consumers of local production on one hand and as a part of a local food chain on the other hand. The fourth - tourists and visitors as explorers of regional products. Beneficiaries should be all inhabitans in region. Becase everyone can profit from local richness. In our project we will work with definied groups of local/other people with various activities for each of them.

How do you plan to get there?

We will prepare specific activities for each target group. For producers we will arrange workshops to persuade them they need to cooperate delivery to hotels. We show them possible types of cooperation. For entrepreneurs we will organise local breakfasts fully composed from regional products. We introduce local producers in the course of breakfast and let them debate how to put together both businesses. For local people we will arrange workshops and campaign how to profit from tourism through local production. We show them ways how to take a part in local food business. For visitors we will prepare new offer - a map with picnic places of great views to the landscape. The map will involve tips for local product to take with on picnic. So it is pretty wide range of activites for our project.

What are the expected results?

Local producers found the way how to supply hotels and pensions with their products. They cooperate and coordinate their businesses. Entrepreneurs have a profit from offer of "Home kitchen" and "Local gastronomy" through cooperation with local producers. There is a new partnerships between local producers, local sevices providers and local entrepreneurs in tourism. Local people think how to take a part in local business. Some of them try to make contracts as small local suppliers. Some of them think to start serious local business. Visitors explore area of Ceske Svycarsko and Luzicke hory in the new way. They shop local food and drinks and enjoy summer picnics wit great views to the landscape. Local community is more identified with region through local econonomy and regional trade mark.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Local economy is the base of local democracy. Rich regions are less dependent on central goverment. Good example is energy communities which reduce flow of public and private energy expenditures from region. Production and consumption of local products and services is a profit for every region. There is a strong tourism in our region, because part of it is attractive area of the National park of Ceske Svycarsko. With lot of hotels, pensions, restaurants and other services it tourism. It is a big challenge for everyone. So we want to teach inhabitants - local economy can be a remedy for their problems. There is no ethnic barrier for being involved in short food supply chains, there is a strong reason to stay and to do small local bussines, and local businnes needs well-educated leaders too.

Why is this idea important to you?

We have organised five years of Local economy festival in our region a few years ago. Tens of presentations, speakers and hundreds of hosts. With local markets, music production, special programms for children. It was about promotion of principles of local economy and good practice. Now we know, we were wrong. We did not work with local producers into depth because we did not understand well, that local economy is "just a term" and it must be filled with concrete activities, with concrete stories, with concrete people. Nowadays, a couple of years late, facing the COVID-19 crisis, we want to restart our demand for local economy. It will be driven by our experience, but with new enthusiasm. We see new chance for prosperity of our region. And we don't want to miss it. It is our motivation.

€ 49500,-

Total budget

€ 47500,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

office expenses 2000 EUR,
workshops, campaigns, breakfasts, maps, public relations costs 30000 EUR,
travel costs 3500 EUR,
personnel costs 14000 EUR.

Our finacial participation (2000 EUR) in total budget will be covered with financial support of Regional Office for Ustecky kraj.

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We would appreciate feedback from implementors of similar projects as ours. We would like to debate proposed activities for target groups and their designs. We are looking forward to discuss fitting and suitable acts to promote and motivate local communities to do local business and profit from it.


MAS Cesky sever

Eva Hamplová

Idea created on May 6, 2020
Last edit on May 25, 2020

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