Community development, Social inclusion

BEJVÁK - a place to meet UP

Providing different social groups (from children to seniors, from active to relaxed, from fishermen to artists,) one place to meet, discuss, exhibit, share ideas etc.


Who is behind this?

Lucie Šebánková

Cheiron T, o.p.s

Czech Republic

Who is joining forces?


Czech Republic

DOS - Důkaz o sídlišti

Czech Republic


Idea pitch

We want to provide an open inspirational space for all the social group. Together we will develop this place for lectures / exhibitions / regular themed cinemas etc. There is no space yet for meetings, leisure activities, extracurricular education, cultural events, there is no coffee shop, no cinema or an interesting indoor playroom for kids in this housing estate. Most similar activities are in the center of the town, this area thus remains a dormitory without contents, without a real life.

Where will your project idea take place?

the Sídliště Nad Lužnicí Housing Estate, the Tábor town, South Bohemia, the Czech Republic

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

The lack of social cohesion. The kids, youth and seniors do not understand each other, the ethnic majority doesn't understand the minority, the politicians do not understand common people and so on. We found out one of the problems which causes this situation is fact, there is no common place and event, where people can meet, can mix, can communicate with each other. We would like to change the situation by inviting the people to join events like cloth and flower swaps, theatre and movie events, sharing arts and artistic ideas and so on...

Who are you doing it for?

Children and youth at risk (now cca 180 kids)- this is the target group which is now in the space and we want to keep supporting them by offering meaningful free time activities (music, dance, sports, games) and providing them with a safe space to talk about their troubles. Other young people, volunteers - should join the prepared programs and come up with their owns. Local artists - get a space to share their ideas (they can exhibit in the windows and inside of the club, organize opening events, talking about specific fields, ..). Seniors - get a place to meet, join the prepared programs (the common ones, the one focused on their group specificallly).Common people with different interests (fishing, sports, chess..)- get a place to meet, join programs -swaps, cinema, theatre, discussion..

How do you plan to get there?

Firstly, we start with the Symbiosis Repair project, which is based on cooperation with local associations (Tourist Club, Gardening Association, Kennel Club, etc.) and artists. We develop cooperation with associations, entities and artists included in the project schedule and detailed structure of cooperation. This project should be well supported in local media and our social networks to promote it, and it will be promoted by itself by hanging in the window. Secondly, we will support these associations to take the community place as "their" to have their private meetings there, then to offer their activities to the public, to organize special events for the public. These activities will be supported by us and our PR. Besides these events for the public, we will organize our "own", special swaps (cloth, flowers, books, food etc), markets, cinema, music and theatre events, sports competitions - table tennis, fingerboard, table football contests and so on, designed to be interesting for a very wide public. We want to handle the questionnaire for residents of housing estates during these events, to understand their wishes, their needs, their interests ..

What are the expected results?

Different social groups will have a safe place - BEJVÁK- to meet and talk, the housing estate will be more "alive" thanks to the organized events, they will not have to go to town centre to experience something uplifting. The people will be more used to meeting other people outside of their "bubble", they will have a positive shared experience, which can help them to communicate with each other even about difficult topics. They will be activated and motivated to organizace their own event, too. The common space will be nicer thanks to the artistic pieces of work in the windows.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

People will be more interested, what is happening around them, they will know more about their neighborhood, get more engaged, more caring, more activated to change things for the better. Thanks to the possibility to try to organize something by themselves, they can understand they have capability to create and change something. They can become part of the community planning, they can voice their needs to politicians.

Why is this idea important to you?

The core of the team consists of people from the NGO, from Cheiron. There are four people who are part of the project, two of them live in this area themselves. Cheiron has worked in this area for more than seven years, firstly streetworkers started operating here, the club for the youth at risk joined last year. So, Cheiron knows the area and it needs very well, thanks to the long term monitoring. There are particular groups of interest responsible for the particular parts, the NGO workers care mostly about creating the background, a safe place, then logistics, PR and such. The content of the project is built by the groups - Chlorofyl, DOS, mentioned as partners, and then different groups, which are informal - seniors, youth, hobbies´clubs and so on.

€ 55000,-

Total budget

€ 35000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Office expenses-4500EUR
- print material, stationary
- exhibitions support material (hooks, stands,..)
- internet, IT support
PR expenses-1500EUR
- targeted advertising on social Medias (FB, IG, ..), in newspapers, radio
Personnel costs-9000EUR
- volunteers coordinator
- organizer of events (schedule, office support, taking care of the space)
- PR service: design/print of posters, flyers for events
Cost of the building-15000EUR
- electricity, heating, water
- small reconstruction

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We welcome comments with inspiring ideas, what could connect people, who live in the same area but have different interests, needs. What are universal programs we could reach the biggest amount of target groups with and bring them together. What are successful programs for large housing estates.


Idea created on April 25, 2021
Last edit on April 26, 2021

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