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Social inclusion


Our project will be based in 15-20 parishes of Barcelos, where girls and women from rural areas and from marginalized communities (Roma, immigrant background) will take part in actions that permit th…
Social inclusion


Due to social stigma, autistic children are deprived of inclusive social environments. Families frequently feel isolated. Our innovative project aims to create a sensory play community center where f…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Being the citizen that I am

What if your voice could be heard? What if you could reach other people by speaking your truth and by listening to theirs? Join this theatre group and share your expectations, your fears, and, most i…
Community development | Social inclusion

Bottom-Up Integration

The integration of refugees in Portugal is mostly designed according to a top-down logic, with little to no participation of refugees and the host communities. Our idea, taking place in Braga, aims t…
Social inclusion | Community development


In Lisbon there are 67 priority intervention neighborhoods! These are like villages within the city. In each one everybody knows each other! The most important issues faced are: low pensions of senio…
Community development | Social inclusion

Citizens of the Round Table

Round tables with citizens of neighbourhoods of Lisbon that feel neglected and don’t have access to meaningful public participation to share ideas and make them happen. These round tables will have m…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Clown Care

The vulnerable individuals with different special care and different degrees of disability, experience the encounter with the clown through the play. Professional artists, through openness and availa…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Connecting Dots_winning minds

The aim of "Connecting Dots_winning minds" is to foster social inclusion in local communities through experiential learning methods. A target group of 20 young people, together with 5 offenders sup…
(Social) Entrepreneurship | Social inclusion

Costur'Art - Do It Yourself

COSTUR ART is a creative space aimed at unemployed people from 18 to 65 years. It intends to insert people with an interest in sewing , recycling and use of materials that promote a more sustainable …

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