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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Being the citizen that I am

What if your voice could be heard? What if you could reach other people by speaking your truth and by listening to theirs? Join this theatre group and share your expectations, your fears, and, most i…
Arts and cultural activities


CLOSE ENCOUNTERS starts in Torres Novas as a bottom-up process of planned encounters for co-creation, from a fine diagnosis to a local development project within an artistic/cultural scope. The goal …
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Clown Care

The vulnerable individuals with different special care and different degrees of disability, experience the encounter with the clown through the play. Professional artists, through openness and availa…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Culture Makers

The project Culture makers want to restore ancient craft knowledge related to the arts and crafts and connect younger women generations to older carriers of this knowledge, to bridge the gap in order…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Fanzidades - Words Beyond Borders

This Community Media project aims to create a strong shared sense of identity among the ethnically diverse residents of a peripheral neighbourhood in Lisbon. Its methodology will hinge around partici…
Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability

Festival Verão Azul and community projects

The anthropocene concept in known as a geological concept but today it has to be seen as a prismatic concept that involves economy and social issues, besides the environmental ones. With these projec…
Arts and cultural activities


Arts and cultural activities

Inside Cinema | Imagined Realities

We seek to provide Viana do Castelo Prison (VCPE) inmates with audio-visual training, to create short films & photographies, promoting expression through arts. Focusing on imagined realities inside/o…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Intercultural Summer Festival

With art, I believe that we achieve miracles. Today's young people are people from world, not just young people from Portugal. So, they have to learn to respect cultures, religions, traditions, skin …

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