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Community development | Environment and sustainability


Agro-charrette aims to plant some seeds towards a participative, conscious, healthier, social and economically responsible rural community of a village in the north of Portugal: Apúlia. There is a l…
Environment and sustainability


"A SUL" means literally "At South". The so-called "south margin" of Lisbon city, hosts many people who work daily at the capital, with an average lower income. Scattered in different communities wit…
Environment and sustainability


The “CHANGE UP” is a community intervention project, facilitated by GAF (NGO), with people in Gouveia Municipality (PT), a rural council located in the inland of Portugal. The project aims to promote…
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Community Catalysts for Water Regeneration

Water sources are highly impacted by intensive agriculture, mass tourism and climate change, constraining opportunities for youth to envision a future in the territory. We aim to activate intergenera…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Comunity Circular Economy

What if can be build a community moved by sustainability and encourage by circular economy? We dream to create this social community, contributing to new cycles of resource's use, in a neighbourhood …
Environment and sustainability | Community development


We intend to create a civic living lab to build resilience and collectively overcome our local, communitary and ecological vulnerability, in the face of the global crisis scenarios we are actually de…
Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability

Festival Verão Azul and community projects

The anthropocene concept in known as a geological concept but today it has to be seen as a prismatic concept that involves economy and social issues, besides the environmental ones. With these projec…
Environment and sustainability | Social inclusion

Ground for change

The presented idea aims to combat the lack of urban hygiene associated with the state of neglect that has compromised community health and the image of the neighbourhood. Through intercultural activi…
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Guardians of Alte

A capacity building educational project for a group of youth from Alte. The framework for the project's curriculum is Permaculture, a design science for building resilient communities that work in ha…

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