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Social inclusion


Our project will be based in 15-20 parishes of Barcelos, where girls and women from rural areas and from marginalized communities (Roma, immigrant background) will take part in actions that permit th…
Environment and sustainability


"A SUL" means literally "At South". The so-called "south margin" of Lisbon city, hosts many people who work daily at the capital, with an average lower income. Scattered in different communities wit…
Environment and sustainability


The “CHANGE UP” is a community intervention project, facilitated by GAF (NGO), with people in Gouveia Municipality (PT), a rural council located in the inland of Portugal. The project aims to promote…
Arts and cultural activities


CLOSE ENCOUNTERS starts in Torres Novas as a bottom-up process of planned encounters for co-creation, from a fine diagnosis to a local development project within an artistic/cultural scope. The goal …
Community development

Cooperative Territories (CT)

After the Quarantine period, there will be an increased need for collaboration and support. CT intends to exchange experiences and knowledge, to share skills, stories and ideas, especially outside …
Social inclusion

Democracy and European Citizenship

General objectives of the project: . Promote democracy and European citizenship . Promote the active and civic participation of citizens for a strong and united European union . Strengthen c…
Community development

Eleven Changes

Eleven Goals. Eleven groups. Eleven changes...both personal and local. The Eleven Changes project aims at taking 150 young people through a transformative learning process, challenging them to crit…
Community development


With our project we will empower 40 local youth from Lisbon, Braga, Oporto and Coimbra to be actively involved in the local decision making processes, improving their civic engagement through better …
Community development

Feminism on Wheels

This is a journey for gender equality, developed by human rights activists.We have a groundwork commitment to strengthen women participation.We aim to promote decentralized initiatives, deconstruct n…

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