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Getting youth involved and active in politics by giving them the tools to know where they stand.


Who is behind this?

Maria Moreira

World Youth Alliance - Representação Permanente em Portugal (WYAP)


Who is joining forces?

Residência Universitária dos Álamos


Clube Colina


Rampa Clube


Partner Organisation 4 Clube dos Arcos No website. Portugal


Idea pitch

With our project we will empower 40 local youth from Lisbon, Braga, Oporto and Coimbra to be actively involved in the local decision making processes, improving their civic engagement through better understanding of the basics of politics and the human person, as the main goal of politics. Training program of 12 interactive sessions led by 3 trainers, in 4 weekends in 4 cities, will cover the topics of Human person, freedom, culture, solidarity, and politics, including real life examples.

Where will your project idea take place?

Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra and Braga, Portugal.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Students in Lisbon, Braga, Oporto and Coimbra do get very involved in university life but not so much in civic society and political issues. The lack of interest shown by youth regarding politics is concerning and this happens because youth do not see the real importance and responsibility for being involved in the issues that indirectly concern them, too. It is a problem of lack of education in regards to the society’s problems and it stands on a poor understanding of what is the human person and what does it mean to be involved in the issues that indirectly touch our lives and our way of living. Only 29% of youth voted in the last EP elections. 68% of them lack identification with political parties.

Who are you doing it for?

The target group consists of 40 youth from 18 to 25 years old, from Lisbon, Braga, Oporto and Coimbra. Groups in each city will be composed of university students who are interested and motivated in exploring and figuring out their opinions about the human person and its role in our society.
We will include beneficiaries of all kinds of ethical, religious, political backgrounds, with the help of our partner organisations. We will have the similar number of youth who don’t trust in democracy. They will start to be willing to take part in it, those who believe in civic actions will receive new knowledge and tools relevant for active participation in political processes and those who do not identify with the European identity will have the chance to learn more about the EU values.

How do you plan to get there?

Nov & Dec 2020
- Formalise the partnership with 3 associations and schedule the dates for sessions in each city
- Set out the plan of action: 16 sessions in 4 weekends (1 session on friday afternoon, 2 sessions on saturday and 1 session on sunday morning) in each city, to be held in rooms provided by the partner associations in
- Define the final plan of the sessions: Topics to be covered, prepare the materials that will be analysed, non formal methods for the group work, Evaluations, Certifications.
- Open the Applications on social media & sending the Newsletter about the project
Jan - Mar 2021
- Implementation
Apr 2021
- Follow up: ensure the involvement of the participants in the voting processes at local level; hold round tables in each city before the local elections.

What are the expected results?

In a year time we will have:
empowered 40 young people through 16 lectures and workshops about human & civic rights, that participated and voted wisely and in conscience at the local elections in September 2021
given tools to 40 participants who will be able to articulate their human and civic rights and connect them with the current situations in their local communities in the cities of Lisbon, Braga, Porto and Coimbra
strengthen 2 volunteers from Lisbon, that will be able to further teach other youth about the human and civic rights and teach them about the advocacy opportunities for youth and how to recognise them
established sound partnerships with 3 organisations who will continue to grow with local university students associations.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

We know that the first step to strengthen democracy is to understand the importance of it, and civic education is the best way to teach the youth about it. That’s why we will teach 40 young people on human dignity and human rights, as a basis of understanding democracy, so that they are able to reflect properly about the value of the human person, our responsibilities towards others and how to reach common ground with the law and human rights. Through sessions with experienced trainers they will have the much needed tools to understand and stand up for their needs and start participating actively in the political processes. An active citizenship demands that one recognises the issues that are problematic around each one of us and propose the solutions for them, jointly with others.

Why is this idea important to you?

Too many times, in regards to politics, young people just stick with the popular opinions and get influenced only by populist measures. Formal education in schools does not suffice to tackle this problem in a sustainable way.
World Youth Alliance has a long experience in holding training in Human Rights & Responsibilities, including the participation of youth in political processes. WYA Portugal has always been committed to promoting human dignity as the foundation of every human right.
Our projects empower young people to actively participate in the democratic life of their respective countries and educate them in advocating measures and policies that are of interest for them and for the wider community, for already 21 years at the global level.

€ 14180,-

Total budget

€ 14180,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Office expenses (accountant and maintenance for bank account) . 900 EUR
Personnel costs (Leader of the project and main trainer) - 3900 EUR
Accomodation costs
Braga: 540 EUR
Porto: 540 EUR
Coimbra: 540 EUR
Lisbon: 0 EUR (all the trainers are Lisbon based)
Travel costs - 1260 EUR
Meals for trainers - 2700 EUR
Meals for participants - 3600 EUR
Marketing Materials - 200 EUR

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We would love to get to know how the online community views our idea. Please let us know what you would add and what you think it’s missing. We will be happy to clarify anything and give more details about World Youth Alliance and our mission.



Idea created on May 27, 2020

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