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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Social inclusion


Our project will be based in 15-20 parishes of Barcelos, where girls and women from rural areas and from marginalized communities (Roma, immigrant background) will take part in actions that permit th…


To build a transition community platform for economic social and educational change with active citizenship based on the sociocracy and neighborocracy model, through the main actions. Create a cooper…
Community development

Go más allá! : you can do whatever you wish!

We aim to encourage youth to participate actively in their communities by providing them the skills needed. They will be trained on abilities about living in a global, intercultural and diverse socie…
Environment and sustainability

Liquid Harmony

Water is a common good, rivers know no borders, therefore they belong to all. Water Democracy aims to empower citizens and NGOs to be actively involved in decision making and management regarding thi…
Environment and sustainability

LEGIT - Laboratory for an Ecological Citizenship

LEGIT is an open lab striving to develop participatory and grassroots ecological citizenship, through an eco-parliament, community radio and book, participatory documentary and open letters. We are b…
Community development

Cooperative Territories (CT)

After the Quarantine period, there will be an increased need for collaboration and support. CT intends to exchange experiences and knowledge, to share skills, stories and ideas, especially outside …
Social inclusion


There is an urgent need to sprout the seeds of democracy and active participation in civic deserts, by building a model of sustainable and integral development, through the interchange between local …
Social inclusion

Youth Democracy Academy

Bringing youth at the center of the stage and breaking a top-down approach in democracy. These are the main aims of “Youth Democracy Academy”, a program that will take place in four Portuguese munici…
Social inclusion


Our goal is to set up a network of co-creation contents with different groups in Beiras e Serra da Estrela, countryside of Portugal. We aim to reflect and dialogue about diversity through self and co…

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