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Social inclusion


Due to social stigma, autistic children are deprived of inclusive social environments. Families frequently feel isolated. Our innovative project aims to create a sensory play community center where f…
Environment and sustainability | Social inclusion

Ground for change

The presented idea aims to combat the lack of urban hygiene associated with the state of neglect that has compromised community health and the image of the neighbourhood. Through intercultural activi…
Social inclusion


OBSERVA.FES is an observatory for Ethical and Solidarity Finance in Portugal. An online space, where people from different contexts interact, work and learn together to promoting, disseminating and d…
Social inclusion

LAR project - Love and Respect in rural Portugal

Doctors of the World Portugal will join LAR project to provide healthcare and health education actions to 4 refugees and migrant families and 25 seniors residents of Ima village, center of Portugal. …
Social inclusion | Community development


In Lisbon there are 67 priority intervention neighborhoods! These are like villages within the city. In each one everybody knows each other! The most important issues faced are: low pensions of senio…
Social inclusion

Our School is Cool

Our school is really cool. There are students from 22 different nacionalities learning together. Many of the children bring different languages, religions, different cultures. One of the most basic n…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Ubuntu Leaders Academy

The Ubuntu Leaders Academy is an intervention that aims to respond to the social problem of lack of participation and sense of belonging of young people from vulnerable contexts, through the developm…
(Social) Entrepreneurship | Social inclusion

Costur'Art - Do It Yourself

COSTUR ART is a creative space aimed at unemployed people from 18 to 65 years. It intends to insert people with an interest in sewing , recycling and use of materials that promote a more sustainable …
Human rights | Social inclusion

LGBTI+ Center: a place where you are welcome

The aim of the project is to fill a gap that exists in the Minho region and others bordering it, that is, the lack of a support center for the LGBTI + population. We intend to provide support and adv…

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