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Community development | Journalism


The eyes of all the italian citizens are on the EU Recovery Plan (PNRR), the 200 billion strategy that aims to transform the Country: an unrepeatable opportunity to make a significant step in the dir…
Journalism | Youth participation and empowerment

Young Citizen Reporters

The training in reliable journalism for young local activists should provide the youth aged 15-19 with effective tools to tackle the challenges of climate and ecological crisis, political populism an…
Journalism | Youth participation and empowerment

The Invisible Children

In Nova Gorica, the growing Albanian community is living behind high walls. This affects their children who do not hang out with their peers. To build a bridge between communities, we will invite Alb…

Capture reality yourself

Using the media as a training method for young people in the process of integration of ethnic minorities and overcoming conflicts on racial, gender, ethnic grounds. The equipment of a student radio i…
Journalism | Youth participation and empowerment

Make news vs Fake news

We’ll work with Roma from schools and vocational high schools in Pleven and Dolna Mitropolia on2 stages - increase functional literacy and publish student newspaper. This is unique in Bulgaria and im…
Journalism | Social inclusion

Disability in the Polish employment reality

Our public keys are: -to engage citizens to become active participants in the public debate in FABLAB Cafe about employment of disabled people and their situation in local society. -to train…

Slowzine - magazine for change

The model of production, distribution, and consumption is a focal point in any case of reflection about the ecological transition. Every change has to start from the foundation and has to involve the…
Journalism | Youth participation and empowerment

Improving media literacy among young people

We are planning to lead workshops in the local high schools, if it's going to be possible in actual classrooms, otherwise over Zoom. We would like to educate young people about media literacy. We all…
Community development | Journalism

Shadow Civic Council Blagoevgrad

The project introduces a new inclusive format for citizens participation in the work of the municipal council of Blagoevgrad.Local residents, chosen via objective criteria by other local citizens and…

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